a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Top Ten Woo-Hoo

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Top Ten Woo-Hoo

SUMMARY: Mostly current results from USDAA site.
Please forgive me my indulgences: 4 agility dogs and 15 years of agility, and I've never been in this position before, so I'm absolutely thrilled (if you can't already tell) that Tika's doing so well in Top Tens. Looks like our most-recent USDAA trial is in the database now.

Funny thing--all our numbers matched *before* this, but don't match now. They're close. I'll have to check Tika's records on their site sometime.

And now--because it looks cool to see what's actually on the USDAA page-- here we are among the Top 25 in the country:

Standard: (Competing locally: Chaps, Brazen, Apollo, Brenn, and Kash)

Snooker: (Competing locally: Gidget, Cate E, Hobbes, Chaps, Bud, Brenn, sometimes Crash)

Jumpers: (Competing locally: Chaps, sometimes Bling, Brenn, sometimes Crash, Apollo, Kipper)

Gamblers: (competing locally: Gidget, Chaps, Kash, Brenn, Apollo)

(We're still only a little more than halfway through the year. And this is why I hope Tika's soreness vanishes well before our next trial in 3 weeks. Argh. )


  1. Very very nice! Congratulations to you and to Tika!!!

  2. Wonderful job! My Tika only dreams of such things (and she jumps 16" anyway)...

    I know Kathy Topham. I'll have to send her a congratulatory note as well!

  3. Cool! Hopefully she has a lot of chances the rest of the year to hold onto her positions in the list, too.

    Who knows, your Tika maybe someday--

  4. Soooooo awesome!! What a well-rounded accomplishment, too -- Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers, and Snooker! That can't be easy to do. Congrats!