a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: September 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Purple purple purple

SUMMARY: Cee's photo challenge

Backfill: Oops, never posted when I first created this! So--posting it on May 14, 2019.

I bump around on the web, so have fallen across SO many photo challenges. Can't do them all. Can't even keep up with my own challenges to myself!

However, Cee's photo challenge currently is PURPLE. How could I resist?

 Remember my agility colors series?  Never did finish all the colors, but I did purple. (Revisit that by clicking on this image--)

But what an opportunity to provide a few more images of pretty pretty purply things!

I used Google's advanced search feature to search for any photos here at Taj MuttHall that are purple--how cool is that? Click here to see.  [Although I'm intrigued that most of the purples in the link from the photo aren't actually included in this search!? And many other purple shots are missing. Hmmm. But, still, pretty nifty.]

Monday, September 19, 2016

Crunchies! (is Humans Peoples calls "bottle")

SUMMARY: The best toys are the cheapest and come from the recycling bin.

Updated Sept 23: Squink photo and comment about the 30 years between Amber and Tika. 

Ooops, almost identical post in 2019.

Thanks to Squink's Human Mom for the summary line and the idea for the post. Dogs love plastic bottles!  Well, mine always have, anyway.

Squink - September 2016
Photo credit: L Halliday
all the rest are mine, As usual.

My first dog, Amber - 1981

How could I not have photos of Sheba, Remington, or Jake with bottles?? Well, maybe I do in a photo album somewhere.  

Tika - 2011

Boost - 2009 (can't find bottle photo, but still, nice recyclables toy)

Chip 2015

Zorro - 2015

And just happen to have one of a friend's dog--

Future World Champion Dash (TBD) - 2008

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Friday, September 02, 2016

Wordpress Photo Challenge: Mirror

SUMMARY: Do photographers dream of android cameras?

Stepping into a photographer's dreamscape. Surely it would resemble this?

This was a tough one to choose; I like so many of my reflection photos, both older and recent.  This, from Monterey's Cannery Row, I've worked on recently.  It is in fact a simple double window reflection but I love its surreality. I've been playing with the lighting and dreaminess.  Debating adding a large hawk on the wing in the bright but empty sky. Hmmm.  Good opportunity for me to practice my layering and combining skills.

Blogging friend Change Is Hard often does the weekly Friday photo challenges provided by WordPress, which sometimes inspires me to participate, too, rather than simply admiring hers even though that's fun, too.
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    Can't resist my dragons!