a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: December 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Shadow Knows

SUMMARY: Dogs, Noses, Shadows, and Nonsense
Backfill: From Facebook Dec 27, 2017. But not posted until today (Dec 27, 2019).

Sorry, but had to do this:

Who knows what noseprints mark on the doors of men? The Shadow Knows. 
Yes, Lamutt Cranston has the power to cloud men's windows so they cannot see him.

P.S. Not really sorry.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, from 2009 and 2017

SUMMARY: The same, but different, but the same.

May your days, months, and years ahead find joy for you all.

Tunnel: Check. Contact equipment: Check. Jolly Ball in the foreground: Check. One dog looking at camera: Check. One dog not looking at camera: Check. Ellen in teal and dark blue and jeans: Check.  OK, good enough! Send it!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Boost -- a little in memorium


Boost's death was so sudden, and Tika's death was so recent before that, and my dad's illness was so bad-- I never did a photo retrospective of their lives. This isn't one, either, but I wanted to gather some photos for a smaller project. Here they be.

Boost had no fear of racing to almost the end and riding it to a slam-down.

Championship in CPE!

I had to hustle to be anywhere near her at the end of a dogwalk.

Boost loved to help me in the yard while I trimmed. I'd toss the trimmings into the air; she'd leap, catch, shake them firmly, and toss them to the ground with great finality, then wait for the next.

Waiting to run, tugging on her Riot Tug.

We did a little nosework. She was catching on.

My Merle Girl.

Resting between rocket-powered frisbee catchings.

Boost loved the snow. Anything in the snow.

Heterochromic eyes, like her mom's and many other relatives.

Get In The Box trick.

She learned this from watching Tika. Amazing.

Running at the beach. She just liked running.

Demonstrating her lightning-fast weaving technique.

Floating through the air down a line of jumps. Like magic when it worked.

Tika also taught Boost how to use tunnels, although Boost's puppyhood playground included tunnels.

Hiking, climbing, exploring.

Loved running through the powder; preferred that to running along the trail!

Atop Coyote Peak, one of our frequent hikes.

Boost's absolutely favorite toy of all time.