a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: May 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dog Musicals

SUMMARY: Titles of dog musicals -- from a Facebook post by a friend

(FB post is public)

Robert loves puns. And so, apparently, do many of his friends, who are clearly up on the latest dog theater culture. With permission from Robert, the titles (and more), with credit for the person providing the title.

First, this subset of musicals that I would classify as dogs' favorites:
  • (Anna Sweet) Cats!
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Into the Woods
  • (Tom Tobey) You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Next are *our* favorite dog musicals:
  • (Robert Morgan) Corgi and Bess
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Westie Side Story
  • (Dean Ruggles) Hound of Music
  • (Stieg Hedlund) My Fair Labradoodle
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Phantom of the Otterhound
  • (Donovan Drane) The King Charles Spaniel and I
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Mary Puppins
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Fiddler on the Woof
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Forty Shepherd Street
  • (Jeff Cooperman) Runt
  • (Robert Morgan) Thoroughly Modern Collie
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Hello Collie
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Best Little Doghouse In Texas
  • (Iván Cavero Belaunde)   I am the very model of a modern German Shepherd…
    (Taj MuttHall notes, technically this is a song title--from The Pirates of Vizslance?)
  • (Tamsen Mitchell) Laberet
  • (Tamsen Mitchell) The Mikapoo
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Pomilton
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Guys and Dogs
  • (Tamsen Mitchell) Avenue Poo
  • (Anna Sweet) Mary Puppins
  • (Robert Morgan) Jersey Good Boys, featuring the hit song “Stay”
  • (Arlin Robins) Nope, Robert - Jersey Borzoi.
  • (Mishka Ferguson) Noodles FTW!
  • (Arlin Robins) The Unsinkable Collie Brown.
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Les Malinois
  • (Linda Levy) You’re a good dog, Charlie Brown..
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Amadaneus
    Ellen Levy Finch) You have a dog named Dan?
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Pug of Mormon
  • (Stieg Hedlund) Pembrokelahoma
  • (Ellen Levy Finch) OK, this isn't technically a musical, but it has a famous song associated with it: Breakfast at Sniffany's with the song sung by Audrey Shepburn:

    Blue merle, lighter than a tri
    Your eyes are like the sky, today
    You toy chaser, you fast racer
    However you're playing, I'm playing your way.
  • (Ellen Levy Finch) Dogs! is obvious. Some songs are *clearly* about dogs and dog toys:
    • Invitation to the Jellyfilled Ball
    • The Rum Tum Tugger
  • (Ellen Levy Finch) Also friend Holly Newman's dog-agility adaptation of a popular song from The Sound Of Barking -- https://blog.agilepooch.com/.../my-favorite-agility-things/
  • (Linda Levy) Woofin' in the Rain
  • (Linda Levy) Royal Waggin
  • (Linda Levy) World's Greatest Showdog
  • (Ellen Levy Finch) Yellow Pupmarine. (Don't ask why it's yellow) -- with its dog-agility focused title song, The Yellow Contact Zone
  • (Tamsen Mitchell) Pugmalion

Friday, May 11, 2018

Mother's Day 2006

SUMMARY: The many expressions of mom--

-- She could express herself so well with just her face. Wish I had more photos of all the variations, but, well, I've got what I've got.

Never posted these photos. Remembering Mom and Dad.