a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: September 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tricks Dog Zorro

SUMMARY: AKC titles applied for.

Last winter, Zorro and I did Circus Dog classes. Not the intense, full-day classes that you can get in some places, and the tricks were fairly basic--a lot of overlap with what I taught Remington on my own, back in the day.  And Zorro already knew several of them before we got to the class.

He loved the class, loved doing things, the attention, and the treats. He picked things up quickly: In class, we'd work on each trick for about 10-15 minutes, and for almost everything, by the end of that time he'd be doing the trick with little assistance. (Some we really struggled with, though.)  Maybe not spectacularly--for example, he'd hold something on his nose/face for a few seconds, but not a lot longer than that until we practiced a lot more.  We practiced at home on most (those we had the gear for).

At the end of it all, we put together a routine that we performed in front of the rest of the class (required for graduation).  For someone who's spoken in front of sometimes huge crowds in my life, I was by far the more nervous participant of the two of us, and despite having crib notes, left out several things (and left a key component of one of our tricks at home).  (And OMG! What's with my jeans in that video?!)

Still, the instructor verified that Zorro could do at least the minimum number tricks for each of 4 of AKC's Trick Dog titles, so filled out and signed our title application forms for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performer.

I'm not always a super fan of AKC, and I waffled about this for a long time, but today I registered him with AKC for  his mutt-dog (er, sorry, "Canine Partners") registration number, scanned copies of all the forms, and put them with a check into an envelope to mail on Monday. Then it's just waiting!

Here's the cleaned-up routine that I'm sending in for the Performer title.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Zorro attacks Chip when--

SUMMARY: Odd dog behavior patterns.

Today's "fun" dog behavioral pattern:

Zorro attacks Chip (so I have a fight on my hands) when:

  • Zorro naps behind my office chair and I roll backwards and hit him
  • I tell Chip in an annoyed or angry mother voice not to do something
  • I tell Zorro in an annoyed or angry mother voice not to do something
  • The dogs are excited (e.g., visitor) and I try to grab Zorro's collar to keep him from jumping on the visitor or attacking Chip
  • We're out for a walk and Chip starts to bark enthusiastically at another dog
  • I'm dozing off at night and both dogs are in their separate beds at opposite ends of my king-sized bed--I never see what precipitates this one, except that when I snap on my light, it's always at Chip's bed, nowhere near Zorro's bed (and Zorro's bed is closer to me than Chip's, usually). This is the biggest reason why, for the first time in my life (other than with new dogs), the dogs are now usually sleeping in their crates at night.

Zorro does NOT attack Chip (thank goodness; I don't need more stupid fights) when:

  • Chip, who is astonishingly picky about his personal space at times, leaps up and snaps at Zorro because Zorro was, I don't know, scratching and wiggled the bed, or, whatever, maybe Zorro looked at him?

Wayyyyy Too Many Photos

SUMMARY: SmugMug gallery list

Update 2/19/19: Added link to the plug-in.

I just discovered an unofficial SmugMug plug-in for Chrome that has a feature (among others) that lists all of my SmugMug galleries! For fun, here's the list, with the following notes:

  • This list doesn't include my private/hidden galleries
  • No guarantee that there's anything in a gallery 
  • Many galleries are incomplete (you know: The ol' I'll Get Around To Uploading The Rest Eventually trick)
  • The tool doesn't include my descriptions of the galleries--but not many have descriptions, so that's OK
  • No guarantee on quality--many photos are pretty bad, actually, but whatevs.

Adobe Palettes Open House Jan 26, 2016
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Lexington Reservoir Empty: Visit Vanished Towns of Lexington and Alma Dec 2008
Loma Prieta quake

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My SmugMug Creations


Santa Teresa Wildflowers March 28, 2015
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