a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: October 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Photos, cameras, memories, gratitude

SUMMARY: Reminding myself.
Backfill: posted on FB Oct 12-15, 2020

Sharing some of my photos to remind myself that the world still holds so much more than my cluttered house and mind, those irritating 12 (!) propositions on the ballot, that defining Tuesday coming soon, and the five rude pounds I've finally given up and allowed to join me over the last month. 

I am grateful to my cameras for having preserved for me--over the last decades--places and people (including furred and feathered ones) and moments and random eye-catching objects worth revisiting.

The world changes, and ages, and moves on--as do I--and apparently this thought manifested from my subconscious as I titled the first two images last weekend.

"Aging: Lines and Circles"
At the Hayes Mansion in San José, adjacent to the lost lamented Frontier Village.  

"Ancient Erosion"
Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

"Amazing World:Hummingbird Feather"
Out in my yard pulling low, small weeds--gray weeds on gray gravel--
a tiny piece of brilliant green caught my eye. 
I reached, expecting to pick up a piece of plastic, and realized just in time that it wasn’t.
5/8” long tip to tip; the green part is half that size. 

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Tuesday T-Shirt Tales: FCI Agility World Championships

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Whaaaaat??

All T-Shirt Tales

SUMMARY: A surprise from a traveling friend

Agility--as you, Dear Reader, likely already know--covers the globe. 

As you might not know, FCI is Fédération Cynologique Internationale (essentially, World Canine Organization), a federation of national kennel clubs (kennel club: like AKC is an organization of breed clubs). Wikipedia notes, "The FCI has members, associates and partners in 98 countries, but some major kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club in the US, The Kennel Club in the UK, and the Canadian Kennel Club in Canada are not members."

FCI puts on its own world championship of dog agility annually, and each club can send a team. "Team" in this case is a little misleading: A country sends a set of three small dogs, a set of three medium dogs, and a set of three large dogs to compete in the team events, plus possibly separate individual small, medium, and large dogs for the individual events. Plus an alternate or two somewhere along the way. And, of course, the coaches.  My first (and on-and-off since) agility instructor has both won as a competitor and served as coach for several years.

Although the AKC isn't a member, they are allowed to compete by invitation. Several friends have competed there and have done well, individually or as part of a 3-dog team, making it to the podium, so of course I often watch the competitions while they're in progress.  The competing AKC teams hold fundraisers to pay for transport and lodging and entry fees for all those people and dogs. This inevitably includes selling team t-shirts, because: T-Shirts! And of course FCI sells shirts, too, as do all the other clubs entered.

Intriguingly, exchanging t-shirts between team members from other countries is A Thing. So maybe you have your own shirt but buy an extra to trade to a team whose shirts you like or whose team member you enjoyed meeting. This extends to supporters, too: all the people who make the trip there to watch their friends and relatives compete.

I've never been and never will go as a competitor. Maybe, someday, if COVID is licked, I might go as a cheerleading friend--maybe.

In 2011, friend Susan traveled to Europe to support the team and to learn from the experience. Before she left, she asked us whether we wanted her to bring something back. I said don't worry about it, go and have fun.

Me (in red) and Susan (also making a vee-sign) and friends on one of several hikes we've done together.
2011. All the dogs are agility dogs. 
(Also friend Lisa, left, a frequent hiking companion. Now, Lisa lives in Oregon and Susan lives in Washington. Leaving me here. How rude!)
Photo courtesy of Ellen C.

Much to my surprise, the next time I saw Susan, she handed me this FCI World Championship t-shirt, which she had brought back for me. So very cool. Nice embroidered logo and everything.  And... that's the true tale for this t-shirt. 

Taking my FCI shirt for a walk in the fresh air in June in this Time of COVID. 
(Mask down for photo only.)

Sporting my FCI shirt for a portrait in my yard with my besties.
August 2017.
Photo courtesy of Sarah H.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

T-Shirts By Year

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Whaaaaat??

All T-Shirt Tales

SUMMARY: Because I can.

As part of my ongoing T-Shirt Tales project, I continue my Quixotic attempt to list all t-shirts I've ever owned.   And their photos, too.  Sadly, for those that were never in my inventory and those whose photos I don't have, I will never remember that they ever even existed. Boohoo! Poor little forgotten shirties!

But for those of which I know something...

Out of curiosity, I have attempted to establish in which year each joined the household.  Some will remain a mysterious "a while back." Some I can narrow down to "while I was married" (a range of a mere, yes, 20 years, if you call that narrow). Some I have reasonable guesses at but never added to my inventory for some reason (even very recent ones I've discovered never made it in. And I *swear* that I *always* add *everything* that I bring into this house! Alas; the value of that swearing is more like just plain swearing). 

With all those caveats, herewith my best guesses for the 220-+ shirts inhabiting the list so far, current and past. For years in which I acquired more than five, note some speculation as to what might have added to the glut that year. 

(In reality, I've purchased only about half over the years; others are gifts from friends or family, or from organizations as thanks for volunteering, or from companies I've worked for or had other associations with, or as prizes or raffle winnings, or "free" as part of my registration for various activities ("here, give us $200 for this class, and we will give you a FREE T-SHIRT!").  So very many ways to get t-shirts!)

(The biggest way is--yes-- from 1997 to now--dog agility: 50!! And that's not including even more that came as a direct result of knowing people I'd have never met if I hadn't been doing agility.)

Year Quantity Note
1970 2
1971 0
1972 0
1973 2
1974 3
1975 0
1976 2
1977 4
1978 2
1979 2
1980 0
1981 2
1982 0
1983 2
1984 1
1985 6 2 gifts, 3 traveling
1986 3
1987 3
1988 4
1989 3
1990 9 2 from 1 trip,3 gifts
1991 4
1992 5
1993 5
1994 4
1995 12 5 from one trip, 5 gifts
1996 10 6 free/gifts
1997 4
1998 11 6 gifts/free
1999 9 7 free/gifts
2000 15 10 free/gifts
2001 6 5 free/gifts
2002 13 8 free/gifts
2003 5
2004 10 7 free/gifts
2005 4
2006 2
2007 3
2008 7 3 might've been 2009
2009 0
2010 3
2011 2
2012 2
2013 2
2014 5
2015 5
2016 2
2017 7 1 free, 3 trips
2018 4
2019 5
2020 3 …so far…

O!M!G! I am such a data wonk!