a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photos, cameras, memories, gratitude

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Photos, cameras, memories, gratitude

SUMMARY: Reminding myself.
Backfill: posted on FB Oct 12-15, 2020

Sharing some of my photos to remind myself that the world still holds so much more than my cluttered house and mind, those irritating 12 (!) propositions on the ballot, that defining Tuesday coming soon, and the five rude pounds I've finally given up and allowed to join me over the last month. 

I am grateful to my cameras for having preserved for me--over the last decades--places and people (including furred and feathered ones) and moments and random eye-catching objects worth revisiting.

The world changes, and ages, and moves on--as do I--and apparently this thought manifested from my subconscious as I titled the first two images last weekend.

"Aging: Lines and Circles"
At the Hayes Mansion in San José, adjacent to the lost lamented Frontier Village.  

"Ancient Erosion"
Zabriskie Point, Death Valley

"Amazing World:Hummingbird Feather"
Out in my yard pulling low, small weeds--gray weeds on gray gravel--
a tiny piece of brilliant green caught my eye. 
I reached, expecting to pick up a piece of plastic, and realized just in time that it wasn’t.
5/8” long tip to tip; the green part is half that size.