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Saturday, December 29, 2018

1990s Technology Flashback

SUMMARY: Macintoshes and software and megabytes, oh my!

I'm sorting through old papers again and found this one saved email from 1990 that is a complete keeper-- so many things I had completely forgotten about! And how very much things have changed!

I bought my first mac -- a 512K -- in 1984, and when the drives stopped working and I couldn't get repairs or replacements, I bought my next mac and sent this plea to the company I worked for. I've just had a blast reading through it.

Ellen’s original email asking for info, December, 1990


I've just replaced my old 512K (Mac—Minus) with a IICX but I have a
problem: I bought most of my software 5 years ago and haven't upgraded
it or paid much attention to what's going on Out There since then. As a
result, I have a marvelous machine that none of my software runs on
and I need to (sigh) also spend $ on new software. I'm trying to narrow
down my initial search by asking friends for their recommendations
rather than having to go out and find demos and try everything.

1) Word processing software: The original MacWrite has more features than
I need for 98% of the writing I do--I do a lot of writing but it's mostly
fiction; all I need to do is type paragraphs in and print them out. Macwrite
II looks pretty fancy. . .and expensive. .. what are my other options & why
should I spend $ on which?

2) Desktop publishing: I print things in "newsletter" format 6-12 times a year,
which means I need some sort of page layout thing that also handles
text processing and can at least import graphics. I don't want to spend
more than a few dollars for something that I so seldom use (and in a
purely amateur sense), but about the least expensive thing that looks
reasonable is Publish It Easy (discounted around $110) . Anyone had any
experience with this (it's fairly new), or have other inexpensive
recommendations? I've always used MacDraw in the past, and other than
being pretty inflexible for text processing, it has otherwise met
my needs. (But I'm not sure my old version of Draw works, either.)

3) Database: I spent $50 for Reflex which Borland no longer supports, so
I've got thousands of records of things like household inventory and
savings accounts that I need a new database manager for. A lot of people
have been plugging FileMaker——I've worked 9 years in the Relational
Database Management System world, though, so a little complexity and
programing requirements don't bother me (like 4D or Helix)
as long as the thing is really flexible and cheap. Any suggestions?

4) Project Management: Anyone used MacProject lately? Or any other project
scheduling tools on the mac? Does anyone have a copy I could borrow to
try out?

5) I was forced to buy a system with only 1meg RAM; I’m pretty sure I need
more, but I don't yet have a good feel as to whether 2meg will be
sufficient for most things or whether I should go higher...


Date: Fri, ll Del: 90 15:33:13 PST
Date—Delivered: Fri, ll Dec 90 15:32:38 PST
From: pbk
To: elf
cc : macintosh_users : ;
Subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In—Reply-To: !our message of "Fri, ll Dec 90 15:21:58 PST"

To cover both aspects of 1) and 2), I have been using Word for many years,
upgrading to the latest version as they come. I may stop at version
4 since there is not much more thing I dream of that it does not
contain. If you used MacWrite, learning Word is easy. It also contains
fancy features like several columns, columns with strange shape because
you have planted figures in the middle of them, automatic TOC, Index,
a mode that allows "structure editing" (ie. working on the overall
structure of the program), spelling checker is OK (in English), not
so bad in French, It builds table, has a sort of sublanguage to write
nice looking math formulas, etc. ..

One interesting thing: This is probably one of the only program who never
blew in my face (you know the little sad looking guy or the little bomb)
and never destroyed or eaten up hours of typing.

Having owned a IICX I can tell you that pretty soon you’ll discover that
there is not much you can do with 1meq, especially if you want the comfort
of the multifinder, If you have a big screen, etc. ...


Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:12:28 PST
Dute—De1ivered: Fri, ll Dec 90 15:38:56 PST
From: ndw
To: elf
Cc: macintosh users:;
subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:21:58 231"‘

1. Macwrite II . .expensive. .other options. . .

If you really don't need much beyond whet is pretty much common to
all Mac word processors, I’m sure I have some bulletin board stuff
that will work fine (for free or ShareWare) . If you have a friend
who is a student at Stanford, you can get Textures (TeX) for about
$125. It solves 1 & 2 if you don't need WSYWIG. It's among the best
TeX implementations I've seen.

2. Desktop publishing. . .

You might want to see what fancy features are in the BBB stuff. I
haven't used any of the new cheap programs. I use FullWrite mainly,
Microsoft Word when I have to.

3 Database. . .

I haven't tried Oracle yet, but 4D is the biggest and bestest database
program besides that I've tried or heard of. If you don’t need all
the add on modules that other developers give away on the BBSes, the
high end scripting capabilities, DB fields that are sub databases,
graphical layouts that can be included in other graphical layouts, etc.,
FileMaker is probably your next best bet. (I haven't used Helix)

4. Project Management. . .

I haven't used MacProject in the last year or so. There are a couple of
PM tools on the BBSes, as I recall. Mostly low end, one or both may
have been DemoWare.

5. Ram…

At under $5 /MB, I would buy at least another 4MB. If you are a heavy
user and use Finder a lot, 8MB is nice.

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:46:00 PST
Date-Delivered: Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:ll:01 PST
Fran: vnv
To: elf
Cc: macintosh_users : ;
subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Fri, ll Dec 90 15:21:58 PST

I don't know the answers to your questions; but you might find the
following useful if you don't get answers to them from anyone else:

*  Computerware at El Camino and California Ave in Palo Alto is
a great place to buy (good prices) and try out software. They
specialize in MacIntosh software and have a large selection,
knowledgeable staff, and you can try out any of it. ..

* Another great opportunity to see software is coming up in
January at the MacWorld Expo in SF. This is one of the
biggest Mac shows of the year. It runs Wed Jan 9 thru
Sun Jan 13, 1991. The price is a steep $25 to attend
the exhibits. Often times their are booths selling software
at a steep discount there. I plan to attend; if there is
some literature about a product you would like me to pick
up l will try to do so.

Good  Luck, Victor

Date: Fri, ll Dec 90 l5:lB:2l PS1‘
Dete—De1ivered.: Fri, ll Des 90 15:47:37 PST
From: jds
To: elf
Cc: macintosh_users : ;
subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In-Rep1y—To: Your message of "Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:33:13 PST

The only thing I can add to what’s already been stated is to avoid
WriteNow at all costs, even though various desktop publishing programs
recommend (or require) it -- it is unusually inflexible, and gives you
few of the options mentioned by PBK. You'll hate your Mac if you are
forced to use that program.

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 15:55:03 PST
Date-Delivered: Fri, ll Dec 90 15:52:01 PST
From: mdw
Tu: jds
Cc : ma¢:intosh__users : ;
Subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In—Reply—Tc: Your message of "Fri, ll Dec 90 15:18:24 PST”

WriteNow is supposed to be about the fastest for flat out mass changing
stuff. Nisus, which I occasionally use, is also pretty fast. Nisus also
has a lot of confusing features. It tries to be everything to everybody
and  so is a bit down on my list.

From: bobbach@mai1_pc
Subject: Assorted Mao questions
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 16:03:00 PST
Date—Delivered: Fri, ll Dec 90 16:04:54 PST

For Word Processing - I recommend using MS Word, mostly because
everyone else uses it, and it might be able to cover your low-end DTP
needs as well. I still use Macwrite 5.01 a lot myself - it should work
fine on your CX. Other good programs are Nisus, WriteNow, and MacWrite II.

For Database SW - I recommend FileMaker Pro (the new version of II and 4) .
It is a flat file manager, but unless you specifically need relational
capacities and features, Filemaker will serve your needs nicely. I also
used to use Reflex myself.

Definitely plan on getting more RAM. I recommend 4 megs  - and for about
$100 you can get Virtual, the virtual memory init that will give you 14
functional megs of RAM with almost no degradation of speed (w/4 megs;
some slowdown w/ 1 or 2 megs). You will probably need an 80 meg HD — 40
will work if you don't fill it up. It is definitely nice to be able to
comfortably use Multifinder.

— BobB

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 90 10:56:51 PST
Date—De1ivered.: Tue, 18 Dec 90 12:52:51 PST
From: egb
: T0: jla
macintnsh_users : ;
Subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In-Reply-E0: Your message of "Mon, 17 Dec 90 15:16:36 +0100"

re word processing, I'm a fan of word. I wrote my OOD book entirely on word,
and was able to produce camera ready copy from it (we did the illustrations
in adobe illustrator).

re databases, I  use omnis 5 for all my household files. it takes some
programming, but is pretty flexible.


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 90 13:29:56 +0100
Date-Delivered: Mon, 17 Dec 90 01:25:10 PST
Prom: jla
To: elf
Cc: jla
Subject: Re: Assorted Mac questions
In—Rnp1y—'!'02 Your message of "Fri, ll Dec 90 15:21:55 PST"

Hello Ellen,

I was a user of the Macintosh in my previous job, and I have at home a
Mac SE/30 bought in feb 90. Therefore I can answer some of your
questions. I did not understand for sure if this is for your job or if
you have to buy software on your own money.

I have used both Macwrite II and (Microsoft) Word 4.
Macwrite II is much better than the initial Macwrite, while having the
same user—friendliness. For most documents this is my favorite. It can
export and import files to/from other word processing software (with in
general some loss of formatting information however)

I have used also Word 4, when I needed an automatic summary, or to be
able to modify the formatting of many paragraphs at once. This is
necessary when the document contains more than a few pages. You should
be able to transfer files to Word PC format without any loss of information (I
never checked it on complex documents), and probably from Word PC to any
other PC word processing system, since Word is a de facto standard.

I don't think you need both Macwrite II and Word. I can send you a
disquette with these software, not to pirate them, but to try before buying

I have no personal experience. I think the standards are Paqemaker and
Xpress. In my previous job they chose Xpress for brochures, etc.

I have no personal experience, but this was chosen in my previous job.
If you have no compatibility requirement with PCs, 4D is the standard,
which allows you to build complex applications IF you write programs in
the internal language (not so complex if you have some experience in
programming) . There is also another product, made by the same editor as
4D, which is cheaper because it does not have all the 4D features
(though relying upon the same "engine") . I could find the name of this
product if you wish.

No experience .

You should have 4 Mb. The reason is the following : if you want to cut
and paste between 2 applications (say for instance word and Excel), you
must have in memory : Multifinder, Word, Excel, Word document, Excel
document. With multifinder and one application of the size of Word, 2 Mb
are not sufficient. I know Apple memories are not cheap, but you can
find elsewhere 1 Mb chip for around 100$. Check the access time (I think
70 ns is required for a IIcx, but not sure).

However you can start with 2 Mb, if you use the Finder and only one
application. But it depends on the number of fonts you have, of DAs,
etc. I personally could not work any more with the Finder, I am used to
the Multifinder.

Hope this will help you


Couple of follow-on notes:
  • Memory: My new current Macbook Pro has 16 GB of RAM.  That's 16,000 times more memory than the default 1 meg that came on that new machine!
  • "DAs" - desk accessories, sort of like plug-ins that helped you to do common little things. I think clocks and such were DAs at one point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desk_accessory#Apple_Macintosh
  • Finder vs MultiFinder: Used to be that you were either viewing a list of files on your computer (Finder) OR some application. One at a time. No windows!  Multifinder came out and allowed you to have more than one thing open at a time! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MultiFinder 
  • Word processing software-- I can't believe how blase I was about anything other than plain text! My whole life revolves around text formatting!
  • Notice no mention by me or anyone about photo editing.
  • By "import graphics" I meant little clip art things, which is how most of us got graphics into a  lot of docs--I bought huge collections of thousands of wonderful little bitmapped images and avidly looked through them all to see what lovely creativity they could inspire.
  • Number of fonts--  used to spend hours perusing  what was available and installing and uninstalling them in carefully curated sets because memory could handle only a few at a time. Now--  I have no idea, might have hundreds or thousands of typefaces and their variants and I never do any management of them at all.
  • $110 seeming like a lot for a word processing tool?  hahahahaha!
  • $25 seeming steep for admission to a big trade show?   hahahahah!
  • coworker's comment "have been using Word for many years,upgrading to the latest version as they come. I may stop at version 4 since there is not much more thing I dream of that it does not contain. " -- hahahaha! "Everything has been invented that anyone could ever want for a personal computer, why expect anything more?"

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Previous Christmases with Dogs

SUMMARY: I haven't taken a photo yet for this year.  So here are some previous years revisited.

Some have appeared in this blog in prior years. Some haven't.







(never before published -- ! )


(Never before published. Apparently took no specific Xmas photos, but this was on Xmas and it has red flowers, sooooo....)


Again, no xmas-specific shots. Instead, we went hiking around Xmas, so this will have to do.


Also 2009


(Tika one is never before published)





Getting into the realm of "not a clue about doing digital photos... need to try to unarchive better versions...."


2001 - A rare three-dog Christmas (Jake, Tika, Remington)

... oops, this couldn't have been both 2001 and 2002. Naughty photo archivist! TBD.

1989 - Well, has both Sheba and Amber in the photo, sort of

Never before published

1983 - Sheba and Amber


Never before published

My fiancé gave me this dog for xmas (His name: Good Doggie Scheff   --  Scheff was fiancé's last name)


Monday, December 24, 2018

I Call This Post: There is No Solution To A Problem That Is So Simple And Obvious That Someone With A Little Bit of Knowledge Can't Overlook It

SUMMARY: Electrical repair

I went outside to plug in my one string of Christmas lights for my garage this year (out of the hundred or so strings that I own), and the plug on the right outside garage wall didn't work. (I tested the lights elsewhere, so I knew they were OK.) 

See, when I bought the house, I had an electrician add a dedicated circuit with outlets in handy places specifically to make it easy to display Christmas lights to my heart's deepest desire.  And now it wasn't working.  I knew that the first outlet before the circuit breaker panel is a GFCI* and that, sometimes, like if there's too much moisture or some other insult to its integrity, it'll switch itself off.

So I pushed its little Reset button, then its little Test button, then Reset again, and nothing happened. That could mean that the GFCI is broken, or it's possible that that could mean that the circuit breaker itself had flipped itself off (or was defective) so the GFCI had no power with which to reset itself. So I went to the circuit breaker panel, where I cleverly, years ago, clearly labeled which breaker belonged to the Christmas circuit. It didn't look tripped (lower right ones in the panel), but I flipped it off and on anyway. Made no difference.

I know how to replace a GFCI outlet, but don't know how to test whether the circuit breaker is bad. I could've just bought a replacement outlet and tried replacing it, but hip and knees hurt too much, so I appealed to Nextdoor for anyone who might be able to help with this, at the going rate.  A very nice neighbor came by with his gear, and he went through the same steps, but also pulled the cover off the GFCI and tested the wires in the wall, and sure enough, no power coming from the circuit breaker.

He asked whether there were other outlets on the circuit, and I said yes, and they don't work (because if there's no power to the first outlet...) and don't have GFCI outlets themselves, but we went around to the front of the house and tracked the conduit for the wire under the porch roof and he double-checked those outlets himself, and  noted where the conduit headed into the wall on the left side of the garage.

And he said, so, can we see where that comes through inside the garage? So, we went into the garage, and traced where the shiny unpainted conduit came through the wall, led across the ceiling, turned and headed towards the back wall where the circuit panel is located (bottom center left below the paper bags on the shelf).  At this point, we've been at it for probably 20 minutes, after my initial 10-15 on my own. And it's starting to rain.

So we walk back to examine where the conduit comes out from behind the shelf, and interestingly, it branches--one branch goes into the wall and down behind the circuit breaker panel to connect to the circuit breaker, as expected. But the other branch descends outside the wall.

 "Huh," he says, looking at the other descending branch, "What does THIS do?"

(Now, refer back to the 2nd photo in this post.)

So, anyway, now my Christmas light outlets work.

* Ground fault circuit interrupter--means if it gets wet, the switch on the outlet pops off so nobody gets shocked and nothing burns down.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

I Am A Member of a Persecuted Minority

SUMMARY: And it hurts, and has hurt as long as I can remember. Please stop it.

In today's climate of increasing racial disparagement in our country, I have something to say. Whether deliberate or unconscious, the biases that come from long exposure to the idea that, because some group is different from us, they are therefore inferior causes pain and harm.

I can't claim to be in one of the groups who suffers the most (although, as a woman, I've encountered my share of men who think I'm therefore inferior). But, still, I am in a minority in this country, and two words are used against me over and over and over . I have argued against it when people say it in my presence. People just laugh. I believe that the prevalence of this two-word phrase has likely cost me and millions of others the ability to be taken seriously in work, activities, and life.

Don't tell me it's just a joke. Words hurt. And I hate hate hate this. Why do people think I'm joking when I say this?

Only about 5% of Americans fall into my group.

There is a similarly classified 5% of Americans who are not stereotyped and denigrated in the same way.

Can you guess? Here I am throughout my life.

If that isn't enough info, here I am with family and friends. I'm wearing the brown jacket.

Yes, I'm blonde. I have never dyed or bleached my hair. It has darkened as I've aged, and now it depends on how much time I spend outside without a hat (not so much any more) and on how the light hits it. But, blonde.

Try a quick google search for these phrases:
  • "Dumb redhead" or "dumb ginger": Redheads make up about the same percentage of the population, but for them: 15,000. (They're stereotyped, too, but not for being dumb.)
  • "Dumb brunette": About 80,000 occurrences. 
  • "Dumb blonde": Over 3,000,000. That's 40 times more often than for brunettes. 
It hurts. I'm not dumb. None of the blondes I've ever known have been any dumber than anyone else, and I feel that sometimes we have to be smarter than everyone else simply to be accepted as "maybe not dumb".

It hurts. It angers me. It has a real effect on people's lives. Read this.

I wish that people understood that other people are also -- people.  The way they look has No. Damn. Relevance. To that fact.   Makes me sad. And angry. And very afraid at the turn this country has taken. Every little step in the right direction can help to take us out of this. And dismissing my feelings and experiences, or dismissing those of any other group, is not a step in the right direction.

Think. Listen. Speak up.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

40 years of agility: Two Crufts Videos

SUMMARY: The sport has changed so much.

Video of agility demo at Crufts, 1978.  Take note of the equipment, the speed and athleticism of the dogs (and handlers), how close the handlers are to their dogs, the complexity of the course, the difference in speed between the different dogs.

Video of agility final round at Crufts, 2017.  (the beginning includes a clear graphic video of the dog's path through the course.  After that, I like the run starting at 21:15 as an example)
Compare and contrast: the equipment, the speed and athleticism of the dogs (and handlers), how close the handlers are to their dogs, the complexity of the course, the difference in speed between the different dogs.

And some context for you:
  • 1978: Dog agility originated as a fun demo sport at Crufts (or possibly much earlier; see the Wikipedia article).
  • 1980: First official agility sport rules definition, by The Kennel Club; first official competition at Crufts that year.
  • 1983: First agility-specific organization founded (Agility Club in the UK).
  • 1984: First agility-specific organization started in the U.S.
  • 1987: First time small dogs could compete at the national level, at Olympia (until then, it was all large/tall dogs).
  • 1987: First agility competition in the U.S.
  • "In 1988, almost no one had heard of dog agility in the United States, while meanwhile in England it had become an extremely popular sport, drawing hundreds of spectators."
  • 1989: with TV exposure, agility started its boom in the U.S.
  • 1991: Power Paws Agility (where I've taken most of my training) was founded in San Jose, I believe the only training facility anywhere near the SF Bay Area at that time, so people came to weekly classes from as far as 2 hours away.
  • 1992: My agility club, The Bay Team, was founded. I believe at the time there was an dog breed club who held events in Fresno, but that's about it.  BT held their first competition in 1993.
  • 1995: I started agility training.
  • 1996: January, my first competition, with Remington.
  • 2014: late in the year, my last competition, with Boost. (Maybe will be able to do again someday. Who knows.)
  • 2018: I still follow agility and occasionally do some backyard training and take classes.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tricks Dog Zorro

SUMMARY: AKC titles applied for.

Last winter, Zorro and I did Circus Dog classes. Not the intense, full-day classes that you can get in some places, and the tricks were fairly basic--a lot of overlap with what I taught Remington on my own, back in the day.  And Zorro already knew several of them before we got to the class.

He loved the class, loved doing things, the attention, and the treats. He picked things up quickly: In class, we'd work on each trick for about 10-15 minutes, and for almost everything, by the end of that time he'd be doing the trick with little assistance. (Some we really struggled with, though.)  Maybe not spectacularly--for example, he'd hold something on his nose/face for a few seconds, but not a lot longer than that until we practiced a lot more.  We practiced at home on most (those we had the gear for).

At the end of it all, we put together a routine that we performed in front of the rest of the class (required for graduation).  For someone who's spoken in front of sometimes huge crowds in my life, I was by far the more nervous participant of the two of us, and despite having crib notes, left out several things (and left a key component of one of our tricks at home).  (And OMG! What's with my jeans in that video?!)

Still, the instructor verified that Zorro could do at least the minimum number tricks for each of 4 of AKC's Trick Dog titles, so filled out and signed our title application forms for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performer.

I'm not always a super fan of AKC, and I waffled about this for a long time, but today I registered him with AKC for  his mutt-dog (er, sorry, "Canine Partners") registration number, scanned copies of all the forms, and put them with a check into an envelope to mail on Monday. Then it's just waiting!

Here's the cleaned-up routine that I'm sending in for the Performer title.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Zorro attacks Chip when--

SUMMARY: Odd dog behavior patterns.

Today's "fun" dog behavioral pattern:

Zorro attacks Chip (so I have a fight on my hands) when:

  • Zorro naps behind my office chair and I roll backwards and hit him
  • I tell Chip in an annoyed or angry mother voice not to do something
  • I tell Zorro in an annoyed or angry mother voice not to do something
  • The dogs are excited (e.g., visitor) and I try to grab Zorro's collar to keep him from jumping on the visitor or attacking Chip
  • We're out for a walk and Chip starts to bark enthusiastically at another dog
  • I'm dozing off at night and both dogs are in their separate beds at opposite ends of my king-sized bed--I never see what precipitates this one, except that when I snap on my light, it's always at Chip's bed, nowhere near Zorro's bed (and Zorro's bed is closer to me than Chip's, usually). This is the biggest reason why, for the first time in my life (other than with new dogs), the dogs are now usually sleeping in their crates at night.

Zorro does NOT attack Chip (thank goodness; I don't need more stupid fights) when:

  • Chip, who is astonishingly picky about his personal space at times, leaps up and snaps at Zorro because Zorro was, I don't know, scratching and wiggled the bed, or, whatever, maybe Zorro looked at him?

Wayyyyy Too Many Photos

SUMMARY: SmugMug gallery list

Update 2/19/19: Added link to the plug-in.
Update 11/28/22: Regenerated list from SmugMug and 

I just discovered an unofficial SmugMug plug-in for Chrome that has a feature (among others) that lists all of my SmugMug galleries! For fun, here's the list, with the following notes:

  • This list doesn't include my private/hidden galleries
  • No guarantee that there's anything in a gallery 
  • Many galleries are incomplete (you know: The ol' I'll Get Around To Uploading The Rest Eventually trick)
  • The tool doesn't include my descriptions of the galleries--but not many have descriptions, so that's OK
  • No guarantee on quality--many photos are pretty bad, actually, but whatevs.

2021 Changes Possible
Adobe Palettes Open House Jan 26, 2016
Adobe Party March 1 2013
COLLADA F2F Montreal Sept 08 Ellen photos
COLLADA F2F Montreal Sept 08 Herbert photos
Touring 14th Floor Demolition
Dad's scanned slides
1957ish Johns Brook Lodge (JBL)
1960ish Adirondak Loj
1963-64 Querida Drive
SoCal Trip(s?) circa 1970 family
Unidentified show, "Jfix Play" is dad's folder label
Disney parks
Disney World 2019
Animal Kingdom Thursday Nov 7 2019
Disneyland 2009 November
Disneyland Nov 2009 Friday
Disneyland Nov 2009 Saturday
Disneyland Nov 2009 Sunday
Disneyland Nov 2009 Thursday
Disneyland 2013 Dec
Disneyland 2015 November
Disneyland 2015 Nov Thursday
Disneyland 2015 Nov Wednesday Trip to Anaheim
Disneyland 2015 November Friday
Random People Hats Clothing Kids Shoes Disneyland Nov 2015
Disneyland Trip 2015 Jan.
Disneyland Friday - Jan 2015
Disneyland Saturday - Jan 2015
Disneyland Sunday going home - Jan 2015
Disneyland Thursday - Jan 2015
Disneyland Wednesday - Jan 2015
Madonna Inn 2015 January
Random People Hats Clothing Kids Shoes Disneyland Jan 2015
Ride Interiors Blurry Disney Jan 2015
Disneyland and Races Nov 2017
Disneyland Races Nov 2017
Downtown Disney and Disneyland Friday Nov 2017
Mr Fox No.12 and Hotel Hidden Mickeys
Nov 2017 Trip to Disneyland
Disneyworld Etc 2015 May (Mostly unedited unsorted)
Disney World Epcot - Camera 1 - Sunday May 2015
Florida 2015 May Hotels Etc.
Disneyworld Etc. 2017 April
Disney World 2017 random uploads
Disney World Hotels Etc. 2017 April
Disney World Races 2017 April
Disney World Travel to 2017
Disneyworld Apr 2017 - Hotel
Disney's Calif Adventure 2006 Feb
Disneyland 1961 circa
Disneyland 1970 circa
Disneyland 1977 Spring
Disneyland 1983 Sept
Disneyland 1990 Feb
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Disneyland 1995 August
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Disneyland 2000 Feb
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Disneyland Viewmaster 1950s versus 2009
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Silvia Trkman Masters Handling Seminar Nov 2009
USDAA Judging Clinic, Sept 2010
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Tika (Smart Gallery)
Bay Team Agility Demo for Sunnyview June 18 2009
Foggy Dog Agility Practice, Feb 17 2008
Road Trip Sept 6 2008
VEP Memorial Day Festival and Agility Demo
2014 USDAA Nationals Cynosports World Games
Assorted 2014 USDAA Nationals
Barb Standard
Biathlon Awards
Closing Ceremony
Costume contest
Deanna & Quin playing
Grand Prix Finals
Grand Prix Semis
Individual Team & Awards images
Karey Krauter USDAA award
Katrina's Diamond Award
Perf Grand Prix Final
Perf. Steeplechase (PSJ)
Pf/Ch Team Relays
Senior Dog Mementos
Silvina Tcam Maja Dock Diving
Steeplechase/PSJ Semis
Susan Paulsen and Butter
Susan Paulsen's volunteer students
Unsorted 2014 USDAA Natls
Yukari with Simba bouncing
2006 ALL photos: USDAA Nationals dog agility
2006 highlights: USDAA Nationals Scottsdale dog agility
2007 Barb Jones photos: USDAA Nationals Scottsdale dog agility
2007 highlights: USDAA Nationals Scottsdale dog agility
2008 USDAA Nationals Cynosports Scottsdale dog agility
Agility Class Wednesday Night Jimmy Buffett 2007
Bay Team 2009 Holiday Party (Jan. '10)
Bay Team 2010 Holiday Party (Jan '11)
Bay Team 2011 Holiday Party (Jan. '12)
Bay Team 2012 Holiday Party (Jan '13)
Bay Team 2014 Holiday Party (Jan '15)
Bay Team 2017 Party (Jan '17)
Bay Team Fun Day Hollister June 2010
Dreams of 90s Alive Dog Agility Woodstock 2012
MHDS 2014 Holiday Dec 22
SMART 2006 Holiday Party
SMART 2017 Holiday Party
Tammy 40th Birthday 2008
Bay Team Sept 3 2018 USDAA Western Regional
Bay Team 2018 Monday USDAA Regional winners
Bay Team CPE July 23-24 2011 San Martin
Bay Team CPE Oct 2011 Costumes
Bay Team CPE agility trial Santa Rosa December 2009
Bay Team July 2006 CPE Dog Agility Trial
Bay Team Regional Sept 1-3 2007 Twin Creeks
Bay Team September Labor Day 2006 USDAA Dog Agility Trial
Bay Team USDAA Jan 2007
Bay Team USDAA July 2009 Sweep's ADCH
Bay Team USDAA July 2015 Manzanita Park
Bay Team USDAA June 15, 2018
Bay Team USDAA June 2017
Bay Team USDAA Sept 2-5, 2011
Bay Team USDAA Sept 2017
Haute Dawgs October 2011
NAF November 2010 Hula Hoops
NAF USDAA November 2013
PASA ASCA November 2014
SMART USDAA April 2017
SMART USDAA Aug 2015 Manzanita Park
SMART USDAA Carmel July 2010
SMART USDAA Jan 2015 Thorson
SMART USDAA Nov 2015 Thorson
Santa Rosa USDAA Agility Trial Dec 2008
USDAA BayTeam July 2013
Trials by Guest Photographer
Bay Team CPE June 2009 Guest Photographer
Bay Team CPE March 2008 Guest Photographer
Bay Team CPE agility March 2007 Guest Photographer
Bay Team USDAA May 2010 Prunedale Guest Photographer
Bay Team USDAA Sept 2007 Guest Photographer
Bay Team USDAA Southwest Regional Sept 2010 Guest Photographer
Boost photos by Sarah
Tika photos by Sarah
UKI Fun Match January 31 2010 Guest Photographer
Bonnie Doon August 2010
Scully's Retirement Sept 29 2009
Martial Cottle Park Grand Opening Dec 13, 2014
Miscellaneous at Martial Cottle Park Grand Opening
Speakers at Martial Cottle Opening Speakers
Sailing San Francisco Bay Sausalito May 29 2016
Golden Gate Bridge Unsorted Unedited
4th of July Fireworks 2012 Cupertino
Crossword Tournament Alameda High / Art 2009 Sept 12
Giants Game 6 2014 World Series from San Francisco
Hellyer Park Festival In The Park June 23, 2012
May 2018 Lawrence Berkeley Labs Photo Walk
Monterey Bay Area Research Inst. Open House 2006
Mt. Hamilton Lick Observatory Evening 2006
National River Clean-Up Day May 21 2011
Renaissance Pleasure Faire Hollister 2006
Renaissance Pleasure Faire Hollister 2013
SCA Baron/Baroness of the Westermark ceremony 2006 Nov
SCA/Coronation Linda/Phil by Dad
SCA/Coronation Linda/Phil by ELF
San Jose Giants Game May 2008
Santa Clara County Fair August 2, 2009
Saratoga High School Winter Choir Dec 2008
Stanley Cup Visit 2007 April
Family Smart Galleries
Joe smart gallery
Sharon Smart Gallery
Horseback jumping lessons June 27 2009
Dogs, Horses, and Misc
1970s scanned slides (Dad's)
Ann Horse Jumping May 6, 2011
Cal State Stanislaus Graduation June 2008
Dawn's and Simon's October 10 2009
Dinner At Genji June 26 2008
Elizabeth graduation
Finch Gathering Feb 2009
Garage Sale Sept 2014
Genji Feb 7, 2018
Genji June 22 2009
Happy Mother's Day, Mom
July 2007
Kate's Birthday
LP Heath House
Leif and Nicki Wedding
Linda Paul Abby Feb 2022
Linda and Paul Ceiling Teardown Feb 3 2018
Linda and Paul painting day
Linda and Paul's Wedding by Keith
Linda and Paul's wedding by Pro
Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad Going Away Party Aug 1, 2015
Mom's Diary 1951 (excerpts)
Mothers Day 2015 at Ed Levin Park
Possible obit photos
Pre-2000 Scanned photos/slides - sharon and others
Selected Carol Anne photos
Thanksgiving 2006
Thanksgiving 2009
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2018
Wilkinson House
Family Christmas Photos
Xmas 2008
Christmas 2008: Best of
Christmas 2008: Elizabeth's Photos
Christmas 2008: Second best
Christmas 2008:Sharon's Photos
Christmas 1956 through 2002
Christmas 1964 (Dad's Photos)
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Family Christmas trees
Mom's Christmas Village
Xmas - hats and other things on heads
Xmas Cameras
Lisa's Springtime Yard 2014
Yard April 10 2010
Yard Flowers March 15 2011
yard May 15 2012
Boxing Day 2010
David's Memorial Feb 2011
Monster Baby Shower
Scottish Games
The Lab Shoot April 2010
Vici W.
Wednesday Night 8:15 Christmas Dinner
Hiking - Other Areas
Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point Hike Aug 22 2009
Hiking - San Francisco Bay Area & Vicinity
Alum Rock Park, Boccardo Loop Trail, Oct 2011
Big Basin Redwoods State Park Nov 22 2008
Black Mountain Hiking Sierra Club Sept 2, 2009
Blossom Hill Area Hike To Mall May 10 2008
Blossom Hill area--Sunrise Hike in Neighborhood May 2009
Castle Rock Hiking Sept 2007
Coyote Creek Trail Oct 2011
Fremont Older Open Space Hike August 2010
Golden Gate Area and Wildflowers July 31 2011 (Bay Area Ridge Trail 1)
Guadalupe River Trail Feb 16 2008
Henry Coe Bell Station Hiking June 8 2008 Burra Burra Trail
Henry Coe Hiking Feb 9 2008
Henry Coe hiking Feb 25(?) 2006--people and scenery
Henry Cowell Redwoods Hiking August 8, 2009
Kammerer Open Space April 14-2013
La Colina Park Nov 26 2010
Long Ridge Open Space Hiking July 29
Los Gatos Creek Trail to Vasona Feb 7 2010
Los Trancos Earthquake Fault Trail Oct 5 2008
Marin - Hiking? - March 12, 2009
Milagra and Sweeney Ridges August 15, 2010
Monte Bello Ridge Sierra Club April 2008
Monte Bello to Black Mountain June 25 2008
Monte Bello to Black Mountain May 9 2012
Morgan Territory Mar 28 2010, scenery, dogs, and wildflowers
Morgan Territory, Dogs, Wildflowers, May 30, 2011
Parker Ranch March 2013
Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve with Sierra Club April 2009
Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve with Sierra Club June 2008
Pichetti Ranch wildflowers hike Apr 2014
Pinnacles Jan 2003
Pinnacles Jan 2005
Pinnacles May 1984
Pulgas Ridge Hike With Dogs
Rancho San Antonio April 13, 2011
Rancho San Antonio May 11 2011, Sierra Club
Rancho San Antonio May 14 2008
Sanborn Hiking Nov 6, 2011
Santa Teresa County Park Hike Aug 11 2010
Santa Teresa County Park Hike Aug 6 2011
Santa Teresa County Park Hike Thanksgiving 2011
Santa Teresa County Park Hike and Wildflowers
Santa Teresa County Park Hike with Dogs Feb 2011
Santa Teresa County Park Hike with Dogs July 2010
Santa Teresa County Park Hike with Dogs June 2009
Santa Teresa County Park Hike with Dogs and Friend March 2013
Santa Teresa Dec 18, 2011
Santa Teresa Hike with Dogs Oct 3 2009
Santa Teresa Park Hiking August 12, 2009
Shoreline Park Sierra Club Apr 2 2014
Shoreline Park Sierra Club May 2 2012
Sierra Vista Sunrise Rain Hike
Sierra Vista Trail Opening Oct 2011
Skyline Ridge Hiking Sierra Club August 19, 2009
Stanford Dog Walk_Oct2013
Stevens Creek Lookout Trail June 20 2008
Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail Hike June 18 2008
Stevens Creek Trail (Lower) - Mar 18 2009
Sunol Regional Wilderness Hiking
Sunol Regional Wilderness Hiking Apr 2009
Teague Hill Hike October 4 2008
WIndy Ridge 9-30-12 (Bay Area Ridge Trail)
Wildcat Canyon Regional Park hike
Lexington Reservoir Empty: Visit Vanished Towns of Lexington and Alma Dec 2008
Loma Prieta quake
Grandma's Buttons
My SmugMug Creations
Santa Teresa Wildflowers March 28, 2015
Ellen's Santa Teresa Wildflowers Mar 28, 2014
Sue's Santa Teresa Wildflowers Mar 28, 2015
Almaden Lake Park Birds Aug 2011
Almaden Quicksilver Vicinity Feb 14 2009
Birds in my yard
Coyote Ridge WIldflower Hike 12-04-15
Edgewood Park Wildflowers March 28 2009
Elkhorn Slough October 2011
Ellen's Plants
Front Yard For Fun March 2020
Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers Carnivores
Guadalupe River Trail Birds Sept 2011
Guadalupe River Trail Dec 20 2008 with Dogs and more
Henry Coe hiking Feb 25(?) 2006--plants
Lick and Moonlight Fires
Los Trancos Open Space Thistle Pull July 25 2009
Love California In January - My Yard Jan '10
Plants Blooming In My Yard 2009 July 15
Plants Blooming In My Yard 2009 June 15 (27)
San Francisco Bay Area Wildflowers
Santa Teresa County Park Wildflowers May 4 2012
Santa Teresa Wildflowers April 16, 2011
Santa Teresa Wildflowers April 19, 2011
Sierra Azul Wildflower Survey April 2008
The Yard Has Gone To The Dogs
Yard Deities, Flowers, Birds, and Like That 2009 May 16
Yard Flowers Late April 2009
Boxes 2001 move - never again
Crock Pot Chicken for all you doubters...
ForDonna - Bay Team Trailers
Shopping Center Sunset Halloween Oct 24 2009
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Idea File: Faces? Aliens? Monsters?
Idea File: Padlocks
Idea File: Round
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Bay Checkerspot Butterfly, story behind photo
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Rental Port Townsend
Yard Items To Go Away
Arizona & New Mexico Oct 1995
AZ/NM Maps
Petrified Forest/Painted Desert Oct 24 1995
Day 1A Casa Da Fruta
Havasu Falls Grand Canyon May 2008
Day 1A Romero Visitor Center San Luis Reservoir
Day 1B San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery May 2008
Day 1C Los Banos Park and Museum, Sunset
Day 2A Calico Ghost Town
Day 2B Kingman, Seligman, I-40, and Route 66
Day 3 Hike from Hualapai Hilltop to Supai
Day 4 Supai; Navajo, Havasu, and Mooney Falls; wildlife and flowers
Day 5 Hualapai Hilltop, Seligman, and Grand Canyon
Day 6 Grand Canyon, Flowers, and Snow
Day 7 Grand Canyon, California Condors
Maps of Trip
Montreal September 2008
COLLADA Montreal Sept 2008
Montreal Sept 21 2008
Montreal Sept 23 2008
Montreal Sept 24 2008
Montreal Sept 25 2008
Montreal Sept 26 2008
Muir Woods and San Franciso March 2018
Golden Gate Bridge Unsorted Unedited
Nevada-Arizona 2016
Trip 2016 Day 1 California
Trip 2016 Day 2 - Death Valley
Trip 2016 Day 3 Las Vegas
Northwest Trip May-June 2018
Coeur d'Alene Idaho Black Dog Ranch June 4-6
June 08 Boise to Winnemucca
May 28 2019 Eureka to Cottage Grove
Trip Maps May-June 2018
To Colorado for Photo Workshop 2017
Arches National Park 2017
Colorado Photo Workshop People
Colorado Workshop Photo Selections
To Idaho for Solar Eclipse Aug 2017
Reno NV to Victor ID for Eclipse Aug 20, 2017
San Jose to Reno for Eclipse, Aug 19, 2017
Victor, Idaho for total solar eclipse
Alameda and Jack London Square 2008
Cannery Row/Monterey Dec 31 2018
Casa De Fruta--and Everything June 8 2008
Drive to Monterey Feb 27, 2010
Drive to Monterey July 27 2008
Filoli 2003
Filoli 2004
Filoli 2011
Monterey Beaches and Aquarium Dec 26 2008
Moraga Steps, San Francisco
San Franciscio Presidio March 2011
San Francisco PARTIAL "For Linda Disney" March 12, 2015
San Francisco PARTIAL Dec 1, 2012
San Francisco PARTIAL June 21 2014
San Francisco PARTIAL May 11, 2013
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk PARTIAL Aug '21
Sierra Snow Trip March 2005
Washington state trip February 2022
Vicon 2006 - several galleries
Vicon 2006 Alex
Vicon 2006 All Other Photos
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