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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Time for T-Shirt Tales: Introduction

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.

And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories.

SUMMARY: What's this all about, ELFie? 

This project (because I need more projects) has percolated for a long, long time. Years and years. Because people sometimes ask, Why in the name of Marlon Brando*  do you have 150** t-shirts? What could they possibly all be?  (... In truth, nobody really ever says the 2nd part. Usually just variations on the first part, with the hairy eyeball and all...and then usually suggests that I should turn them into a quilt...  but that aside... ) I respond:

--erm, hmm, well--they're comfy. They're fun. Almost anything goes. They can be colorful. They can provide a conversational opening for someone who wants to talk to me (why they would, I have no idea, but sometimes people apparently do). They can put forth values that I want to promote. They can remind me of places I've been and things I've done. They can simply share anything that I like (dragons come to mind).

Plus, one word: Tie dye. 

So, now, I've started a less-sloppy-than-ever-before photo inventory of my t-shirts, and will present them one or two or three at a time with our shared history. Which means, more photos! Historical in nature! Or hysterical! Some going back to -- OK, junior high school! Yes! That's nearly 20 years ago!*** 

Coming soon!

Now you can:



*     This t-shirt. I mean, Marlon Brando.

**     150 is a good approximation. Varies constantly.

***   20 might be a very bad approximation.

**** Usually when I say t-shirt, I mean short-sleeved ones. But I also have some long-sleeved. Plus polo shirts of similar provenance that I'll likely throw in here and there, because they really are just the same as t-shirts. With collars. And buttons. And usually different kinds of material. But, deep in their souls, they're really just t-shirts.


Pick your favorite [author will attempt to keep this up to date]

My t-shirts in general or this project:

Specific t-shirts:

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