a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Shirts

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


SUMMARY: What does one really DO with this many dog-related shirts?

I've been telling people, don't give me any more t-shirts! I've got 150 of 'em already! Surely I exaggerate? No, I don't, and stop calling me Shirley.

However, I will share with you only my 43 dog-related shirts (33 Ts and 10 polos). Most of them are specific to agility. And I don't still have all the ones I used to; have given away duplicates or ones that I seldom wear.

So what does one do with this many dog-related shirts? If I compete 20 weekends a year, that provides at least 40 opportunities for shirts, maybe even as many as 60 (if I change shirts to, say, go out to dinner to avoid offending the judges with more than just my attitude or my handling). Then there are classes twice a week on different days, perhaps 45 weeks a year. Power Paws camp gives another few days.

But, subtracting, there are many cold days during the winter and evening classes when I do not wear short-sleeved shirts. And then there are the nationals where, what with one thing and another, I am coerced into wearing my same team shirt three days running (in all senses of the word). Phew!

Overall, my theory is that each shirt gets worn on average twice a year. The reality is that I have favorites and nonfavorites and also some that have specific reasons for existence that affect their wearingness.

Agility Shirts part 1: All t-shirts. Two years of CPE Nationals. Three years of USDAA Nationals. Five from Power Paws camps, including my "Flying Rearendas" group shirt. Two from volunteering at large trials. And a couple of free shirts from back when clubs still sometimes gave Thanks For Coming gifts.
Agility shirts part 2: Ten of them are polos, not Ts. Seven from my agility club (The Bay Team). One from CPE Nationals representing California. Three team shirts from assorted USDAA Nationals and two USDAA shirts from same. Two from where I train (Power Paws). Three general agility shirts with drawings of dogs doing equipment.
Other dog-related t-shirts. I included the two wolf shirts because I don't think I'd have received those if I weren't a "dog person". Or maybe it was from owning a husky all those years.


  1. What's with the Aussie shirts?


  2. I don't have many dog shirts but I have tons of running/triathlon race t-shirts and let's not even get into my collection of band t-shirts. Many of the race t-shirts end up being rags for cleaning my bike. Some runners have their shirts sown together to make a quilt or wall hanging. No idea how expensive that is though and I have no sewing skills so I've never tried it myself. The end product looks pretty cool though.

  3. Aussie shirts: Well, there's been much debate about whether Tika is all Aussie. I'm in class with a registered Aussie whose conformation is very similar to hers. But AKC denied an ILP the one time I tried. EVen Aussie breeders & aficionados locally differ on whether she's definitely not, probably, or definitely all Aussie. Anyway--she's why the Aussie shirts.

    Quilts: Oooh, nifty idea, wish I knew someone who wanted to make me such a quilt! It does sound cool.