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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Calm Before the Storm Before the REAL Calm--

SUMMARY: My agility life for the next 4 months

This weekendNo agility!
Next weekend:4-hour weave seminar with Boost (no competition)
Three weeks out:4-day Haute TRACS USDAA
Four weeks:4-day Power Paws agility camp
Five weeks:My alternate club (SMART)'s USDAA trial
Six weeks:My main club (Bay Team)'s USDAA trial
7/8/9 weeks:No competitions (although there is a USDAA and two CPEs--I'd really like to recover from all those preceding agility weekends)
10 weeks:Last USDAA of the spring season
The next 6(!) weekends in a row:No agility! Not even any available if I wanted to! Aughhhh!

Boost's Weaves

And, BTW, I gave Boost 2 days break from doing weaves, and yesterday both morning and evening she didn't miss a single entrance or skip a single pole no matter what I did. Where was that skill set this last weekend?! We'll see whether it translates to class this afternoon.

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  1. Hey, that's the way it happens sometimes. You've heard of latent learning? I think it happens a lot with our green dogs.

    I have found over the years that an every other day shedule not only works best for my dogs, it also seems to be best for the way *my* brain works. (or doesn't as the case may be.)