a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Aframe Height Differences

Friday, March 09, 2007

Aframe Height Differences

SUMMARY: Reloaded photo with lines.

Here's the photo of Tika on the 5' 11' Aframe again, with lines connecting her joints. The red shows her alignment in this photo; the yellow shows the alignment in the 6'3" Aframe.

I probably should've done it at 5' 9", too; we're all assuming that everyone will use the 5' 9" unless, for some reason, they can't set it at that height.


  1. OK, so the hip, stifle and hock are more flexed when doing the 6'3" A-frame. But what about the angle of the neck to the spine? It looks pretty much the same, too. And isn't that what most people worry about with the higher a-frame?

  2. You know, this puzzled me when I drew the lines, because to my eyes and my familiar dog, there is something about the back and shoulders that looks very different. You can see that the straight line from shoulder to hip is shorter for 6'3", so that difference has to come from somewhere. Does that mean that the spine is more curved? That the shoulders are rammed up more against the neck? I'm not entirely sure.

    I guess it's back to photoshop to try to do a photo overlay and see whether that's more informative. But I'm not sure how much we'll be able to tell with her bushy fur.


  3. Yes, unless you shave her down and try again :-)

    Seriously though, I think jumping is responsible for more long-term injury than any height A-frame. And weave poles. And teeters. Think of the concussion when a fast, heavy dog runs to the end of the see-saw and slams it down. Ooof!

    In my opinion, the A-frame is done so infrequently compared to the other things I mentioned that the only reason I'm glad to see it lowerd is so I don't have to watch all those poor overweight and dysplastic dogs trying to get over it.