a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: CPE Rule Changes

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CPE Rule Changes

SUMMARY: Continuing from last year's April 1 newsletter--

The newsletter reported:
Levels: Because so many people have earned their C-ATCHs in the last year, CPE is adding 3 more levels (Level 6 through Level 8) between Level 5 and Level C. Dogs will need to complete 24 Standard Qs and 12 of each of the games at each level before proceeding to the Championship level.

In fact, as of July of this year, CPE has changed the number of legs required to earn a C-ATCH (from Level 1 through Level 5) from 91 to 120. So there ya have it--I should stop being a tech writer and start selling my services as an agility prognosticator.


  1. Now that you ask--yes! :-) See new post. How about you? Do you have many indoor trials during the winter? What happens if it's outdoors and the field's covered with ice?


  2. We have very few winter trialing opportunities. (Unless you do AKC). One at New Years and another in February. Both indoors. Then it's the long wait until The 1st weekend of April, although there is an indoor trial in NH this weekend.

    Once April comes, it's pretty much nonstop until the beginning of July. But I am being pretty circumspect about showing this season. Just taking my time with Flirt's contacts. And trying not to travel too much.

    Good luck this weekend. I hope your knee holds out. I am quite envious of your weather.