a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: USDAA rules changes

Monday, March 05, 2007

USDAA rules changes

SUMMARY: Lowered Aframe--at last!

I've just received this notice from a club member about USDAA rules changes
(Here's the article--ah ha, discovered that the link I was sent was for subscribers; this is now the nonsubscriber link):

The big news is about the AFrame!!

Ch Open: no less than 5'9", no more than 5'11"

Ch Mini/Pf: no less than 5'3", no more than 5'5"

Effective 4/1/2007!

Tika on the 6'3" aframe.
Note how scrunched up her back legs are.
Tika on the 5'11" aframe.
Note how comfortably straight her rear legs are. (I also notice a huge difference in the angle of her back--but maybe it's just me. )
Interesting, noting the position of her feet. She placed herself both times. Guess she's pretty consistent--


  1. You don't have to subscribe to read the board meeting news.


  2. When I click the link, it asks for my log-in and says "If you have not purchased access privileges to our subscriber services area and want to learn more, click HERE.

    Log-In below to access or renew your Web Data Services account."

    I don't have a log-in and don't want one. Therefore--no access.

  3. The photos of Tika really show the difference. The lower one looks much more natural and the big dog folks may see a decrease in the number of A-Frame flyoffs like the little dog folks did when it was lowered from 6'2" (yee gads) to 5' 6". 5'3" - 5' 5" is even better and closer to the height I train a dog at (which is around 5' 0".
    Ellen C

  4. Notice how her Tika's feet are directly under her hips on the 6'3" frame, putting more weight on the shoulders, where the lower frame moves her hips behind the feet a little, distributing her weight better and taking some of it away from the shoulders.

    Sounds like an article I read in Clean Run a year or so ago...

  5. OK, I'm just as happy as anyone about the lowered A-frame but I see almost no difference in the two pictures. Did she do the whole A-frame and stop there or did she put herself in the 2o2o position?

  6. She did part of the Aframe--I put her on above the yellow zone. I don't let my dogs come on to the front of the Aframe and turn around. I've been thinking about drawing lines through the joints of the leg and from the shoulder to the hip joint and superimposing to show the differences. Hmm...I wonder whether I could just make one of the photos semitransparent? Hmm... I hate getting ideas like this that will take me more time. :-)