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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GOOD Things That Take You By Surprise

SUMMARY: USDAA Top Ten browsing

So I was looking for some old info on Jake. Couldn't find it but did start browsing through last year's and this year's USDAA top ten standings looking for names in my agility club (of which there are many). I understand that this year is only posted through mid-February so far, and things can and will change dramatically, but my jaw just about dropped through my keyboard when I saw this:

19 Chandler, CarleneBrennBorder Collie
15 Pinder, JenniferSodaBorder Collie
14 Mah, StuartQwikBorder Collie
13 Eizember, Joleen A.ScorchBorder Collie
11 Chadwick, TaniaKiddBorder Collie
10 Hofner, GinaRileyBelgian Tervuren
Brown, GerrySterlingBorder Collie
Armstrong, ElizabethRiggsBorder Collie
Finch, Ellen LevyTikaAll-Breed
Garrett, SusanEncoreBorder Collie
Mayo, MartinFletchBorder Collie
Stover, DerrellEnvyBorder Collie
Topham, KathyCatcherBorder Collie
Hynes, KenDjangoBorder Collie
Elkins, LauraKeeganBorder Collie
Yang, FrankThe FlashBorder Collie
Croft, AnnTriggerBorder Collie
Lytle, MindySwitchBorder Collie
Whittenberg, CherieDetourBorder Collie
Richards, PamelaCappuccinoAustralian Shepherd
Marshall, KathyRylieBorder Collie
Cone, TinaTobyBorder Collie
Gersman, AlanMr. WrigglesBorder Collie
Faulkner, JodyTwistAustralian Shepherd
Michalski, RobertHobbesBorder Collie

Tika's tied for 7th place! OMG! I am saving this page for sure, as we'll never see this again! But this sure gave me a much-needed boost. Well, we got lucky on some gambles recently. And I don't think I'll be competing in enough competitions to catch up to 1st place, currently held by...ta da...our partner from Scottsdale last year and again for Team this year, Carlene and Brenn. At least we know that our team should have Gamblers wrapped up. :-)

Other club members are Tania and Kidd, Pam and Cap, Rob and Hobbes; others whom we often see competing locally are Ken Hynes and Ann Croft.

But, you know, in some ways I wish I hadn't seen this--just think about how my brain has left me completely time after time when I was trying to get that much-needed Super-Q. Now if I start thinking "I could be in the top ten!", I'm doomed! I need some antimemory drugs now--

But meanwhile, what fun!

(Oh, yeah, and look at that "all-breed" amongst all those BCs! Yeah!)

OK, I looked it up in my database--those 9 points are all from ONE gamblers run, the one where we took 1st place last month. So, yeah, our standings can change dramatically as other dogs start warming up in competition this year. Last year's #1 26" dog had 101 points!

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