a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The T-shirt Project

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The T-shirt Project

Summary: Attempting to downsize the collection. Hahahaha!

This, my dears, is what 170 t-shirts looks like when called out to muster.

I really do periodically pull out a few and give them away, but then more find me and follow me home.

For example, just went to Walt Disney World and somehow 2 more ended up in my suitcase. Don't know how it happens.

This week, Team Taj is seriously totally attempting to downsize t-shirts by A Ton. So far, "a ton" consists of 30, but that's pretty good, for me.  See, I like them. I wear them. (In as much as one can say that one wears them when one wears only one a day and only during the warmer 6 months of the year, and not even every day during those months.)  They just never wear out. For some odd reason.

But--things fit better into the bureau already. Yay! Until some other insidious t-shirt whispers my name--

Let me introduce my pretties (in the preceding piles).

Colors or patterns
w/no message,



USDAA nationals,
Power Paws,
Bay Team,
Other clubs
and events
Agility misc.,
Dog nonagility

oops image
squished this
pile wrong!

DisneylandDragonsTravel  /
More travel
 /  tourist

You can see how dogs--and agility in particular--have contributed to my, ahem, scholarly collection.

Oh--prefer them organized by color? Can do!

Oooh! Oooh! Ooh! Can I show you this, can I, huh?

Do we detect a trend here? I love it! Love it! Mwah ha ha haaaaaa!

(For that image, I folded each to hide any text or images, so that you can wallow indulgently in just the colors and the patterns. Also, I pulled together almost all of my tie-dyed clothing for this one, adding to the 13 short-sleeved Ts the following: 4 polos, 4 long-sleeved Ts, 2 pairs of socks, one pair of leggings, one tank top, and one bra. And, yes, I do  know just from the pattern exactly which item is which. My preciouses...)

Perhaps later I'll show you close-up photos of all of my pretties. So many have backstories, too! Like the "Slave Labor" shirt--good friends from 1984!--

Or the "Vicon 5-0" shirt--family and long-time friends at the annual sleep-over in 2011--

Or the Power Paws Camp group of agility friends from 2004 -- "The Flying Rearendas" --

Ah, yes. But that's enough story-time for tonight, my dears. Now, off to bed for sugar-coated dreams of magical t-shirts!


  1. My biggest question...after my initial response of WOW, is how do you fold them so neatly and so exactly???

    1. Heh. Not so hard, pretty quick. In thirds the long way, then in thirds the other way (folding the arms back slightly each time). Voila. I don't make a big to-do about it or worry about wrinkles or everything lined up perfectly. I once timed myself after laundry and I can fold about 10 a minute. ... And assuming I wear each shirt once a year, that's a lot of practice folding t-shirts. ;-)

  2. V.S. me rolling mine up in a ball and shoving them into overstuffed drawers...

    1. Heh. Nice to have that much luxury of space. ;-)