a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Meet MUTT MVR II

Sunday, May 28, 2017


SUMMARY: I get only one inheritance, ever. So I should spend it profligately.

Meet MUTT MVR II! (AKA just plain MUTT MVR, because there's no room on the license plate for a II or even 2. I'll have to ponder possible solutions.)

They call it "Shoreline Blue Pearl."  In sunlight it's metallic--well--dark gray/silver, really. But I like this marginally better than the actual metallic dark gray/silver ("Predawn Gray Mica"), and the color choices are all prosaic anyway (essentially white, gray, black, and I don't really want a burgundy car).

So, I have a nominally blue car for the first time.

Hoooo boy, bells and whistles up the kajinky!

Only my 2nd new car evah (out of 5 cars). I put 10 of these 12 total miles driven on this car. Woot!

Ringing the "Sold another car!" bell. First me, then the very helpful salesman, Gerry, because I insisted. We're both happy.

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