a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Happy 6th, Chip! Here's a bed just for you!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy 6th, Chip! Here's a bed just for you!

SUMMARY: How can he possibly be 6 already?!

Zorro always takes possession of All The Things that are fluffy and large. I treated Chip cruelly a couple of months back by replacing my huge recliner with two smaller upholstered chairs that he finds uncomfortable.  As an alternative, I got him a big comfy bed for the living room.

Note to other supposedly experienced photographers: Always remember to remove the *$%#@ sun shade from the lens when using the *#%@^* built-in flash to avoid casting huge #(@$% shadows on your photos.

Note to other supposedly experienced photographers: Have the camera ready when you first give the dog the new bed so you can capture him rolling around in it and chatting happily while trying it out, not after he's done all of that bit.

Is reeely mines! Wooo!

Hmmm, what is me do with large and fluffy?

Me is bite, prove is mines!

Is bitey bitey bitey!
Come on, Chip, it's a bed, not a toy, no bitey please.

Me is gots big toy, maybe is pulls out the stuffingses!
Leave the stuffingses in there, please, Chip, really, it's a bed!

Is the hard workses, me is lye downs and chewy chewy the toy.

Ooooooh, Chipster Dudes! Is gots new toy is fluffy and large which is Alls My Things?!
Backs away, naughty Z, is Human Mom sayses is toy of Chip!

Fine. Me is chew on better fluffy and large All My Things.

Is chewy the hole in mine bigs toy for gettings the evil stuffingses.
Srsly, Chip, please do not destroy your new and pricey bed.

Srsly, Human Mom, is not tell ME no bitey bitey pulls out stuffingses!

No no Human Mom iz Chipses toy for bitey bitey no tell me no!


Oooh, me is sorry, Human Mom, is pleez don't take away the toy bed thing.

the end