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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tuesday TShirt Tales: Doing The Best I Can

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SUMMARY: And sometimes just hanging out.

This is one of my two (so far) pandemic-specific shirts. Summarizes a world in which you're more or less isolated from everyone and everything.  And everything you do must be done with caution. 

My sister and her husb don't go out much*, either, and when they do, they also wear masks. Even though the restrictions were removed in California back in June. Because, at the same time, concern was growing about the rapidly increasing number of cases of the Delta Variant--much more contagious.  And since then, holyyyy moleyyy, getting worse. 

So caution is still critical. Wear masks. Keep distanced. Wash hands. Avoid crowds (particularly if filled with Unvaccinated idiots ... oops,sorry..).

And, in fact, this caution is multipurpose! Sister noted that, although she usually gets colds a few times a  year, she hasn't had any since March of last year.

This is at their house two weeks back. We agreed to be in the same place (that is, their place or mine) without masks, after months upon months of masked and outdoor-only caution, assuming it's low risk.  And glaring at each other suspiciously each time. Just to let each other know that we've got an eye on 'em.

Lounging on their Comfy Couch. Watching their television! How weird is that?!** Only because: Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki, 6 episodes. Wanda Vision, 9 episodes. Specifically, Disney+ channel.

Enjoyed the series. Liked visiting. Enjoyed snuggling with their dog Abby. Took turns providing dinner. Still mostly staying home except for occasional errands or walks or hikes (short ones). And doing the best I can.***



* He and I both work from home. She is practicing being retired.

** I don't watch things on television. Normally maybe once or twice a year. But, not even movies mostly on my TV. So UnAmerican!

*** T-shirt from the Holderness Family. I particularly like Finn's (the husband's) music video parodies. But their other skits and activities can be rousingly funny, too. And you'll often see them wearing their various t-shirts, which you, too, could buy from their site!  

[I don't know them; no reward will come my way. But I have had so much pleasure from their videos over the last nearly 1 1/2 years that I'm happy to point them out to you.]


  1. We were talking about the new CDC guides last night at dinner. I told husband I was going to start wearing a mask again at the grocery store (which is pretty much the only place I go) and he asked if Michigan had mandated that. No, they haven't, but I don't have to wait to be TOLD what to do. I can decide to do what's prudent for me now. He nodded. I hope he starts wearing masks at Home Depot where he goes every single day. I think we've forgotten about the hand sanitizer and washing hands too. We were pretty vigilent about that at the beginning...but now? Not so much. Such easy things to do. I feel like at our age we are being held hostage by the people that won't get with the program. I don't have so many adventure going years left and I resent being tied to the house during my prime!

    1. Something hit me last week and has kind of laid me out, still recovering. Seems like... a cold?!?! But how could I get a cold if I've been wearing a mask whenever I'm in stores or other indoor places with other people all along? Wellll... I realized that I've been doing the same thing, NOT obsessively carrying hand sanitizer with me everywhere and NOT using it constantly and NOT obsessively avoiding touching my face until I get home and can wash my hands.
      Or, you know, maybe it was a weird allergy progression. But not convinced of that. (Doc did have me get a covid test; clear.)
      I know, so very frustrating, as per your last 2 sentences.