a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Living On The Edge of Agility and Memories

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Living On The Edge of Agility and Memories

SUMMARY: Those were the days, my friend!
My Facebook post on Wed, July 22, 2021

Watching a day of agility (Steeplechase plus Masters Gamblers and Standard (?))* and watching so many people's videos** from these two local*** USDAA trials this month, I'm taken back-- 

I started competing in agility the week I turned 40. Wish I could've started years sooner, but dang agility had barely even been invented back then, local clubs barely started.

Ah, yes, I remember being able to run, pre-knee-and-particularly-spine arthritis! A blast! Loved living on the edge when my dog burned jet fuel almost on autopilot, racing through the course just on my words or a little body language and using their own experience as I barely managed to keep up or stay ahead, adrenaline peaking.

Remington, somewhere in those 1st couple of years, Qed 7 of 8 runs.
Very happy handler (I was concentrating too hard on the dog paying attention to the  photographer Bill Newcomb to remember to smile!)--my heart soared! 
Still one of my favorite photos.
(Wearing my Bay Team shirt, too!)

* I worked as timer/scribe on July 3 at the Bay Team USDAA in Prunedale.
** I still know so many people in agility, and they post on Facebook. Wins, near misses, contact joy, whichever videos they choose to post. So much fun!
***  Last weekend, SMART also hosted a USDAA trial in Prunedale; I stayed home.


  1. Cool that you got to experience that!

    1. It was! Can't say that I was always exhibited the best sportsmanship to myself on occasions when the wheels fell off, but I tried hard to not take it out on my dogs. Experienced dog trainers know this about dog behavior: "It's the human's fault." Whatever it is. Almost always. (discounting illness or genetic flaws or maybe a couple of other things.)
      But, yes, the awesome successes, whether making a difficult turn or handling at a distance or whatever: A blast!