a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Nothing says "I love you" like interrupted sleep

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Nothing says "I love you" like interrupted sleep

SUMMARY: Morning Brain. From K-TMH, only the finest in hijacked lyrics.

Beware of nocturnal dogs

True story. In music from K-TMH. 
(Tune of Morning Train; see below.)

… … 
He barks all day
And begs to play
But still wakes up at night
My doggie wakes me up at three;
He has to go outside to pee.
He searches for a friendly tree
While I sit waiting for him.

This has become a frequent issue in the last three months. 

We are not amused.

You must watch the original official Sheena Easton video (also below) to see state-of-the-art music videos and trains from 1980. 

I'm not thinking about my age. I'm not.

That poor guy--works 9 to 5 and then takes her out for the evening and then they play all night? When does he sleep??

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