a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Last Time I Moved

Sunday, August 01, 2021

The Last Time I Moved

SUMMARY: Reminding myself why I don't want to do that again
Backfill: Photos from 20 years ago.

This is *after* I have already started unpacking and putting things in better places. Then I realized that I'd regret not taking photos. So here's some.

Back porch/deck/whatev

The back porch was a good place to put everything that needed to go into the kitchen (so I could walk around in the kitchen) and anything else I didn't have a good place for. It was summer; it was covered and enclosed.  

Wide view:

Then, camera in hand, look left:

Standing at one end and photo left...

Jake is stunned.
...rotate a bit to the right...

...rotate a bit right more...

...rotate a bit more...

...rotate a bit and aim downward...

...and end rotation.

Living room


My original comment on this photo
from back then:
"The movers have just departed after their 2nd day of unloading trucks. I wander around the house, in dull shock, thinking "Whose is all this stuff anyway?"
Remington's thought balloon: "If only I could find a clear spot of carpeting to lie down on..."

Dining Room

Picture, if you will: Dining/Living area is L-shaped, so living room would be base of the L and dining would be the upright.

Looking along the back wall of the living room

Rotate slightly right

[[[I f***ing hate blogger and its supposed photo inclusion capability. I don't know how people do this if they don't know f**** HTML. I mean, *I* know it and I can't make things work correctly!
I have got to find a way to transfer it all somewhere else. ]]]
Step into the living room and look back into the dining room.
Many of the boxes (maybe all) are books.


Office corner next to iron railing of breakfast nook/kitchen.
You can see that I've already done tons of unpacking at this point. 
So you don't get the full impact. Bummer.

Opposite corner of the office. 
All the electronics are already unpacked and mostly set up so I can function.

I had so much material in the desk drawers that it was imperative that I photograph them *before* unloading them so that I could easily fit them back in.  Is this a lot????
A few years ago, I went through and pulled out more than half, maybe 2/3 of everything and gave it away. 

Shelves on desk, left to right:

All those CD and other removable media storage things became obsolete in a few years
and are now almost all gone.

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook

Actual kitchen is to the right.  
Office is half a level down, behind the black iron railing--
you can see the tops of piles and the ceiling fan.


Many things have already been removed from this area;
movers just put almost everything for the yard here.
They also moved a few larger items out farther into the yard.

Master bedroom

Apparently I took no photos of the closet and all of its boxes and clothing.

Bedroom #1

Stuff to go into the attic room up the pull-down ladder. Later. Mostly.

Bedroom #2

Hmm, no photos. Nothing really to go there.

Bedroom #3

Did I seriously not take photos of the guest room with all of its furniture and boxes?!


I *know* that I took photos of the garage even though it was difficult. It was literally up to the level of the garage door opener, and packed nearly wall to wall, just barely space for me to get by on two sides. Terrifying.  Welllll I'll have to find that later.


  1. This was all your stuff? We've lived here almost 30 years, I'm afraid to see what our stuff would look like boxed up. But you've lived where you are a long time too, do you think you have more in total now?

    1. I'm afraid that I probably do have more stuff after 20 yrs here. I'm trying very hard to remind myself of all of this and get to where I have much less stuff than back then! I've gotten rid of a lot of things since then, but either more stuff moves in to take its place OR the things I removed were simply overcrowding everything else and so now the same amount of space or storage is occupied, just not crowded-looking. Egads.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness!!!

    My favourite decluttering tip (ok, my only decluttering tip) is, for things that hold sentimental value, take a photo. Takes up SO much less room, potentially even only virtual room. Easier said than done sometimes though! And obviously some (ok, lots) of sentimental things simply must be kept, as a photo just would not do.

    Are you working towards a firm moving date at the moment? Or just making general preparations?

    -- Muttsandaklutz

    1. Yes and yes.
      I think I know where I'm headed. I'm sure I want to sell the house ASAP. There's a lot in between that's unclear. But that's OK. If I'd stay off Facebook, I'd get things done so much faster! ;-)