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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tuesday T-Shirt Tales: Sleeping Beauty Castle

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Whaaaaat??

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SUMMARY: My favorite castle(s).

So much for posting weekly. Or even monthly. I'll just have to post multiples per post. --Which I had planned on doing anyway. Like, this week.

Short and simple: I like Disneyland. (And, OK, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom aka Disneyland East is OK, too.) I like far too many Disneyland t-shirts: The quality of the shirt itself and of the image is always excellent. I try to restrain myself, but sometimes...

In the 1980s sometime--and I've oddly lost almost all info about this--my then-husband bought us matching Disneyland castle t-shirts. They were blue with yellow castles. Because who doesn't want Disneyland castle t-shirts?  The only reason that I know that he did is because my faithful inventory notes that he did so, and also that we sold them at a garage sale in 1998, so presumably we'd had them and worn them a lot by then. No photos exist--Crazy, right?!--nor date of purchase, although I'm guessing on our 1983 trip there. 

But, in August 1995, before that garage sale...

... I just couldn't pass up this additional castle shirt in gray with embroidered design. 
I'm a sucker for embroidered shirts, anyway: Look classy and don't fade.
But having this newer one might have been why we let the old blue/yellow ones go.

I have almost no photos of me wearing my t-shirts in the actual locations and time in which I bought them,
but this is one of the exceedingly rare cases. Maybe even the only one.
Me, my sister's years-ago-ex and my years-ago-ex. But we all loved Disneyland trips.

And then, despite already having a lovely gray Disney castle t-shirt--

--in July of 2003, while minding my business walking casually through Disneyland,
someone strolled past in the opposite direction wearing an amaaazing blue tie-dyed castle shirt!
Hit all my buttons, will ya? Blue. Tie-dye. Castle.
We went shopping later that day and found them! Happy dance!

In May of 2012, it took me and my parents to a friend's house to watch the partial solar eclipse.
It's a thoughtful t-shirt that way.

By the early 2000s, my t-shirt buying spree overall had truly taken off, so my t-shirts lasted longer and longer because I didn't wear any given one all that often.  As a result, today, I still have both these shirts and wear them when their turns come up. 

During these Pandemic times and unprecedented closures of the Disney parks, they help remind me of pleasures past and--I hope--to come.

Bonus: Some photos from the trips mentioned:


  1. Pretty special shirts, love the embroidery.

    1. Thanks. Seems like it's about time to get a current castle t-shirt, doesn't it!