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Sunday, March 08, 2020

Alllll the T-shirts

SUMMARY: All of them.

Updates Aug 8 '20: Small corrections and rearrangements, not marked. 

This list will be out of date at any time because I've already ordered another one. But, here goes.

(And, BTW, there are some photos here:The T-shirt Project)

(Note: I have other themed shirts that are polo, not t-shirts, so aren't included here)

(Note 2: I did not type this all in today. It's all in my inventory database. For here, I just invented some categories and moved shirts under each.)

Disney related:
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales-black-Disney Designs 100% cott
  • Disneyland castle and characters-navy and blue tie-dye-Disneyland-100% cotton
  • Disneyland castle-embroidered grey- Disney Originals 100% cott
  • Disneyland dragon/Mickey Ears Disneyland-gray-Disneyland 90% cott/poly
  • Disneyland Mickey & Donald postcard/photo selfie-blue-Disneyland 100% cotton
  • Disneyland w/Tigger-teal-embroidered Disneyland 100% cotton
  • Haunted Mansion-black-glow-in-dark Disneyland 100% cotton
  • Pirates of the Carribbean-black-Disneyland 100% cotton <<missing purch cost; 10% off>>
  • Space Mountain-black-Disneyland 100% cotton
  • Tomorrowland-green-Mickey Inc. 100% cotton
  • Walt Disney World 2017 Mickey Mouse Wizard-blue tie dye-Disney Parks 100% cott
  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom with tickets-green-

Dragon related:
  • dragon Celtic gold stone-look-black-United Design Soft Goods 100% cott
  • dragon green/gold/brown Celtic circle-black-JT's Classics 100% cott
  • dragon-purple Maleficent dragon-black-Disney Designs 100% cotton
  • dragon w/red eyes on black tie dye-The Mountain 100% cott
  • dragon-blue/green tie-dye, black/purple dragon-Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton
  • dragon-w/purple handpainted dragon-black w/glitter-D.G. Riddle
  • Dragoncon 96-black-Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton [need price]
  • DragonCon-white-w/William Stout water dragon-Touch of Gold 100% cott
  • dragons purple w/gold interlace-black-Jt s Classic 100% cott
  • dragons-ivory-sunlight-activated color-Del Sol 100% cotton
  • Easily Distracted By Dragons & Books-black-Fruit of the Loom HD Cotton 100%cott
  • gray w/dragon embroidered-xhileration 90%cott/poly
  • navy tie dye-dragon w/wizard-The Mountain 100% cott

Dog clubs:
  • Bay Team golden gate bridge-blue (light)-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton
  • Bay Team golden gate bridge-peacock blue-Hanes Beefy T 100% [date info est]
  • Bay Team logo-black-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton <<need price>>
  • Bay Team logo-teal-Hanes HeavyWeight 100% cotton
  • High Sierra Summer Classic (NADAC trial)-gray heather-CPort & Co 99% cotton
  • I Want You for the Bay Team- blue-Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% cott women s L
  • Mixed Breed Dog Club-teal-Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton [date info est]
  • VAST logo-lt blue-Hanes Beefy T 100% cott

Dog training, including camp:
  • Clean Run/Power Paws Camp Taking Agility... -gray heather-Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton Heavyweight-99% cott/poly
  • Dogs Dig Camp-brown-Port&Co 100% cotton
  • Clean Run/Power Paws Camp-purple-Gildan Ultra Cotton 100%
  • fetch sam! embroidered logo-purple-Live And Tell 40% poly/60% cott Ladies XL
  • Power Paws Camp 2002-gray (lt. heather)-Gildan Ultra Cotton Heavyweight 100% cott
  • Power Paws Camp-olive drab-Fruit of the Loom Heavy 90%cott/poly
  • Power Paws-gray heather-Hanes BeefyT 100% cott [no purch info--est--at least a couple of yrs before 8/02]
  • Power Paws-teal-Hanes BeefyT 100% cott [no purch info--est--at least a couple of yrs before 8/02]

Dog agility nationals & some regionals:
  • Bay Team USDAA 2014 Western Regional-blue-District Made 100% cott
  • Bay Team USDAA 2015 Western Regional-navy-Fruit of the Loom Heavy HD 100% cott
  • Bay Team USDAA 2019 Western Regional-denim blue-Anvil Lightweight 65% poly/35% cott Ladies XL
  • Bay Team Western Regional 2018 - gray- Anvil lightweight 100% cotton
  • CPE Nationals 2004 embroidered-teal-Gildan ActiveWear Ultra Cotton 100% cotton
  • CPE Nationals 2006 Haute Dawgs-teal-Jerzees Heavywt 50% cott/poly
  • Cynosport Rocks 2008-orange tie dye-Hanes Heavyweight 100%cott
  • Cynosport World Games 2006-white-tiedyed by Wendy Bruce
  • FCI 2011-gray heather-B+C Collection 99% cott 1% viscosa [don t know actual date rec d]
  • My Dog and I... Cynosport World Games 2007-navy-Jerzees Heavyweight 50% cott/poly
  • USDAA Cynosport-lilac-Hanes Tagless 100% cott
  • USDAA Grand Prix 01-gray-Fruit of the Loom Best 50% cott/poly
  • USDAA Volunteer-green-Gildan Dry Blend 50 poly/cott
  • West East Titlemania 2018 - lt. gray heather - Port & Company Essential T 98% cotton/2 poly
  • Western Regional 2013-mustard-Port & Company 100% cott [INFO?]
  • World Cynosport Games 2004 USDAA nationals-brick red-Anvil 100% cott
  • World Cynosport Games-lt blue-Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton 100%cott

Dogs misc:
  • agility-- cave dogs -blue-green-Gildan Ultra Cotton Heavyweight 100% cott
  • Doggone Good-teal-Anvil 100% cotton
  • Honored Member 0-pt Snooker-blue-Anvil 100% cotton
  • My dog and I...agility humor-bluegreen tie-dye - Hanes Heavyweight 100% cotton
  • Nike Animal Rescue (NARF) Walk 2016-navy-Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% cott
  • Peace Love Dog-blue tie dye-Hanes Heavyweight 100% cott
  • Tortola BVI dog pirate-green-Comfort Colors 100% cott
Personal (made for me specifically w/maybe a few friends:
  • BAG Ladies-gray-design by Laura Hartwick for our dog agility team (Boost Ariel Gustavo) [need shirt info Aug 10]
  • HD (handling Distortion) 2008 for our DAM team-purple-Hanes BeefyT 100% cott [where s price info?]
  • Monta Vista Debate-gold-Champion 100%cott
  • [there will be more if I ever decide to add polo shirts, too]

Writing related:
  • Clarion West-blue denim-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cott
  • RTFM Softpro-grey-Oneita Power-T 100% cotton
  • Zombie Tea Mummies-purple-(custom-made) Hanes Beefy-T 100%cott

Photography related:
  • Believe In Your Selfie-gray-LOL Vintage 95% rayon/spandex
  • Main Street Photo Shoppe-blue-Twenty Eight And Man 65%poly/cott (ALSO DISNEY-related)
  • Smugmug-gray-American Apparel 50/50

Companies that don't fit neatly into other categories:
  • Adobe-blue teal-Bella 100% cott
  • white-Adobe Primetime-Hanes Comfortsoft 100% cott
  • Adventure Boot Camp-black-Hanes Tagless 100%cott
  • CRI Sensational Relationals baseball-blue-Whang 50%poly/cott
  • Netboost-tie dyed-Hanes Beefy T 100% [date info est]
  • Relate To Me-blue-50%poly/cott
  • Wombatnet-tan-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton

Travel/tourist/parks/like that:
  • Adirondack Mountain Club -purple (light) - Vapor Apparel American Backcountry Moisture Wicking 93%poly, 7spandex
  • Alaska State Parks-blue-Jerzees 100% cotton
  • Aloha-denim blue-embroidered H.L. Miller Gold 80%cott/poly
  • Bryce Canyon-black-Oneita Power-T 100% cott
  • Butchart Gardens-purple Hanes Beefy T 100%cotton
  • Canyon de Chelly-green-E.M.I. 100% cotton
  • Fort Verde-gray heather-Hanes Beefy T 99% [date info est]
  • Grand Canyon embroidered w/condor- cactus green-[NEED INFO]
  • Grand Canyon w/petroglyphs-blue-Fred Harvey 100% cotton
  • Hermit s Rest Grand Canyon-blue-Gilden Ultra 100% cotton
  • Island Life-Hawaii-blue w/gold & silkscreen-Crazy Shirt 100% cott
  • tie dye-blue/purple-Madonna Inn-Janis style 1182
  • Martial Cottle Park-gray-Gildan Ultra Cotton 90% cott/poly
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium jellies-black glow-in-the-dark-Harborside Graphics 100% cotton
  • Petrified Forest-tan-Screenworks 100% cotton
  • Santa Clara County Parks Trail Watch-dk green-Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% (BELONGS to SCC PARKS) [ date est.]
  • Take a Hike Point Arena Lighthouse-red-Comfort Colors 100% cott
  • Timberline Lodge-tan-embroidered Suttons Sportswear 100% cott
  • Victoria w/indian eagle-green (forest)-Wilson Sport 100% cotton
  • Yellowstone baseball style-black-Sportswear 50%poly/38cott/12 rayon

Science Fiction conventions:
  • Baycon 98-blue-Hanes Beefy T 100%
  • ConFrancisco-white w/SF full-color silkscreen; Fruit of Loom 100% cotton
  • ConJose World Sci Fi Convention-gray heather-Delta Pro Weight 99% cotton

Volunteer activities:
  • Christmas in April 98-dark green-Oneita 100% cotton
  • Christmas in April 99-dark greenFruit of the Loom Heavy 100% cott
  • San Jose Composts-natural-50% fortrel 50% recycled cotton
  • VEP Volunteer-yellow-Port & Co. 100% cott

About, by, or for friends:
  • Briar s Patch sled dogs (from Liz Parrish in Iditarod)-green (dk)-Gildan Ultra Cotton
  • Slave Labor (for Mike/Ginny moving)-black-Belton Tough Tee 100% cotton
  • Vicon 5-0-black-Hanes Tagless 100% cott [NEED INFO]
  • Vicon No Pirates-black-Mervyns 100% cotton custom-made
  • In the Beginning (Mark Saunders)-white

Humor (others may be included in other categories)
  • Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs-white-Stallion 50% poly/cott (purchase date est.)
  • California Raisin Grape New Year-white
  • In the Beginning (Mac humor - Mark Saunders)-white
  • May the Forest Be With You Darth Vader-navy-California Classics 100% cott
  • black (Midnight) w/The One Sure Thing About Luck & coyote, Laura Hartwick design, Bella 65% poly, 35 viscose
  • When I Am Old, I Will Wear Purple-purple-Hanes 50-50

  • cross celtic picture -black-Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton
  • flamingos Xmas -white cotton/poly
  • Great Quake-Loma Prieta Quake-white
  • I Heart Ada-navy-Stedman 50%poly/cott
  • rhinestones purple & turquoise-peacock blue
  • Shakespeare Santa Cruz Much Ado-oceana-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cott
  • Sojourner Truth-black-Hanes Beefy-T 100% cott
  • Team Shakespeare-teal-Hanes Beefy T 100% [date info est]
  • tie dye-blue w/red & yellow at neck- by Wendy Bruce-Hanes BeefyT 100% cott
  • tie dye-brown/purple/blue/teal - by Wendy Bruce-Hanes BeefyT 100% cott
  • tie-dye-blue/purple spiral
  • tie dye-blue/purple w/circle on left chest-Anvil 100% cott
  • tie dye-blue/purple-Lait Sportswear 100% cotton
  • wolves picture-grey-San Segal 99% cotton [need price]

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