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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What kind of face is that, anyway?

Backfill: Typed this May 20, 2019...:oops, why didn't I post it?  --- MARCH 25: Added first-grade class photo.

True story about me: When I was about 35, I went to a stylist who suggested that I try false eyelashes or at least mascara. I said no. But she talked me into finding a very pale mascara (light brown, I guess), which was hard to find, and it was OK, i suppose. Never used it much. But that's me--because my lashes are so short and straight, they needed a tiny bit of curling to show up even then. All too much of a pain for such tiny lashes. My newest cousin infant is lucky to have naturally long, curled-up eyelashes.

Me, at eighteen. What I think is interesting about this is that my eyes have always been listed as blue. When I got my first license, I asked the clerk something about the color, and she agreed blue. They sure don't look blue here!

Class photo, 1st grade -- they do look a bit blueish; I'll have to go find any photos at all from my youngest youth to see how blue they really looked.

My eyes today. About the color they've always been, I think.  Sort of bluish greenish. The Colors person I went to (different from Stylist) suggests bright teal or BLUE as my most flattering colors ("Dramatic", as in, if I walk into a room and I want people to notice ME and I'd look great in them--based some on eye color but also on skin tone). But see what she  put for Eye Tones? Not blue!

Me at 50. Depends on the light, too, I suppose.

Me at 47.

Added Oct 20, 2019:

Me, now. (Cell phone selfie, hence not so sharp, but colors are ok.) Not really blue...?


  1. Grey? Green? Definitely not fully blue...lots more interest than just blue. Says me who has blue eyes. I think. I haven't looked in awhile, maybe I'm just assuming what I've been told my whole life is true.

    1. Funny, isn't it. I think that I always saw my eyes as blue when I was younger. Of all of the very-young-ellen photos that I or my dad have scanned in so far, it's impossible to tell; I'll have to go scouting at some point. Maybe my school portraits? This is the only one I see so far that has some color other than "darkish", and it does look vaguely blueish--- Oh, I can't put images in comments? Darn it. Maybe I'll just add it to the post somewhere.