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Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Tuesday TShirt Tales: Cavern Canines

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Whaaaaat??

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SUMMARY: So excited! Wow! A t-shirt about agility! Must buy it!

In September of 2000, I competed in my first-ever dog agility national  championships. I'd been competing just over 4 years at that point. Still pretty rank in the ranks, although getting better.

I just now posted an uncurated blob of text about that event--because apparently I didn't really write much of anything about it anywhere.  See USDAA Grand Prix Nationals, Del Mar, September 2000.

Still, it was huge. Huuuuuge. For me. Longest-distance agility trip I had taken by about double. Longest weekend (4 days) probably at that point. And a National Championship! For which both Jake and Remington had qualified to compete! We're In Da Big Time Now!

One of the most fascinating things there, however, was the astonishing array of vendors selling Everything Dog and Everything Dog Agility! Local trials might have half a dozen folks selling leashes, treats, and  other random basic dog gear. But this--THIS--was magical.

For one thing, one vendor was selling AGILITY T-SHIRTS. And I don't mean club shirts--I had four of those by then (eep!). No, these were genuine actual shirts about agility!  I couldn't believe it! Like a dream come true!   Before the club shirts, I'm not sure that I had ever had *any* t-shirts relating to dogs.

There might have been more than one vendor with t-shirts, but, if  so, it's gone from my memory. And I don't recall anything at all about any of the other vendors, the mere existence of agility-for-fun t-shirts thrilled me so.

I settled on this version of the Cavern Canines because I loved the color and the design and the humor and the fun. And it was about AGILITY! Made me smile. Made me laugh. Gave me joy.

I had no idea... no idea whatsoever... about agility t-shirts and the path I had embarked upon--to date, I have acquired at least 49 dog-related t-shirts (and another dozen or more polo shirts) mostly specific to dog agility clubs or events or activities. So many that I've had to give away a quite a few over time to be able to still fit the rest into my dresser and closet. Hard choices, each.

But this one? I still have it, still love it, still wear it.


  1. I still wear all my marathon shirts (5) so I get it. Though 49 seems a little bit over the top, but hey, it's your closet! :) Love the color of this agility shirt.

    1. Well, that's only two drawers out of 6 drawers of 6-shirts. ;-)

      Thanks, I love this color, too.