a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Feb 11 on Facebook - Rain, Cookies, Sunrises

Friday, February 12, 2021

Feb 11 on Facebook - Rain, Cookies, Sunrises

SUMMARY: I dunno, doing this because I can. Why not?

Background: My comment on Facebook Feb 11 '21 after Linda said that her dog Abby walked a short way in the rain and then said, nope, we're going home.

Zorro insisted that I come out into the yard to play with him. In the rain. Dragged me out of bed after working at it for half an hour because I realllly didn't want to get up from my afternoon nap. Brought me a Jolly to throw, which I did, and then he dropped it and started eating grass. This is how it has been going for a long time. I don't know the reason--I think maybe some kind of stress reaction, rather than needing to eat grass, because he comes right into the house after me if I leave. Which I was happy to do this time because it was raining

Unlike Abby, he didn't seem to care about that. Not sure what would've happened if I had tried to take him for a walk. I think he'd have been glad to go but unwilling to stop while I took photos.

Photo borrowed from April 2019. 
I didn't take photos this time because it was raining!

Background: Also on the 11, a friend noted that her girl scout cookies order arrived.  I said...

Wow! Yayyyyy! I'm eating through mine WAY too fast so I just ordered more. Not good for my physical health, but my mental health is happy. 
[about 6 hours ago, ordered 5 more boxes of ToffeeTastic. Soooooooo good. Will be dropped off tonight or tomorrow]

Backgroiund: Also on the 11, I caught morning sky! orange! colors! I said...

This is definitely the sort of thing that one likes to wake up to. The sudden red-orange on the curtains is what drew me out from between my warm soft sheets.

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