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Friday, September 02, 2016

Wordpress Photo Challenge: Mirror

SUMMARY: Do photographers dream of android cameras?

Stepping into a photographer's dreamscape. Surely it would resemble this?

This was a tough one to choose; I like so many of my reflection photos, both older and recent.  This, from Monterey's Cannery Row, I've worked on recently.  It is in fact a simple double window reflection but I love its surreality. I've been playing with the lighting and dreaminess.  Debating adding a large hawk on the wing in the bright but empty sky. Hmmm.  Good opportunity for me to practice my layering and combining skills.

Blogging friend Change Is Hard often does the weekly Friday photo challenges provided by WordPress, which sometimes inspires me to participate, too, rather than simply admiring hers even though that's fun, too.
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    Can't resist my dragons!


    1. So cool! I also thought about a shot I took of me reflected in a window shooting the shot. I love those kinds of images too. And your dragons are magnificent!

      1. Thanks! For a change, I actually saw an interesting reflection and deliberately included the whole thing along with me.