a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Fast Jumpin' Boost

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fast Jumpin' Boost

SUMMARY: Video from last month's CPE trial.
Boost's run on this Level 4/5/C Jumpers course was the fastest of all 50 or so dogs, any level, any height, who ran this course. Too bad there was a bar down.  (At least in CPE you can have a bar down and still Q until you reach the Championship level.)

She looks like she's struggling for footing in the fine dust of the horse arena--all of her strides look very short. Sure, it's a winding course, but the pace looks stilted. Still--fastest of all the dogs, guess she was doing *something* right. (Beat Tika--who was, surprisingly, only the 6th fastest--by 1.6 seconds.)


  1. I have the same problem, beautiful run and one bar, so frustrating. Boost looks great though.

  2. Yeah, as you may know from reading here over time: I'm now up to 50 attempts at Masters Jumpers with only one Q to show for it.

  3. *This* is the dog who often says "what jump? this jump? are you sure you mean *this* jump? which jump again?" She looks beautiful here - so flowy and confident. I can't picture that other Boost at all!

  4. You can actually see it briefly in this run, but I was in position to manage it. Coming out of the white tunnel and approach the following jump, there's a slowdown and a hitch in her step where she saw me slowing; if I weren't in a position to keep pushing, she'd have not taken that jump. I've got another one to post where it's blatant.