a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Seven Things About Us and Then About Our Dogs

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seven Things About Us and Then About Our Dogs

SUMMARY: --or maybe not-- (plus list of agility blogs)
There's another meme thang going around the dog blog-o-sphere: The Versatile Blogger Award, presented by any blogger to any other blogger, near as I can tell. The catch is that, if tagged for this, you're then supposed to post "7 things you may not know about me or my dogs." And then nominate more bloggers to do the same thing. (Some people are posting 7 things about themselves and 7 things about their dogs.)

Wellllll... so it happened: 4 Dog Craziness tagged Taj MuttHall. I suppose, as a dog blogger, it's a given that I like to talk about myself and my dogs. Oh YEAH! So maybe no surprise: In January 2009 I  posted 25 Things About Me, and 25 More (25 dog-related, 25 not). So I'm done!  Go read that, if you must!

I've read several other bloggers' 7 Things already, and they can be entertaining! Who knew?! But I can't keep track--too many bloggers, too many posts. Here's how I usually work these things: If you want to play the game, consider yourself nominated, let me know, and I'll post a link back to your post here. But if you really want a list--OK, I'm easy, here are some mostly agility-related blogs that I read and enjoy, and youse of those blogs can consider yourselves nominated, because after all, what are blog friends for? (If I find a link back to where you've already posted your 7 things, I'll add it to the links list--or you can give me the link if you're inclined.)

Enjoy!  In mostly random order:
(Sheesh, no wonder I spend so much time on the web! Good thing that most of these folks don't post as often as I do.)

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