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Friday, August 27, 2010

Boost's Relatives

SUMMARY: Dogs that look like Boost are everywhere!
There's a young blue merle border collie named Pirate in Boost's agility class. Pirate looks a lot like Boost, especially from across the field. I have trouble following any ancestry and relationship lines except from Boost's own litter, but Pirate's mom contacted the breeder of Boost's mom (Tala) and got this little story back. I'm still new to all this interconnectedness; kinda fun to know!

FYI local competitors Greg & Tammy own Boost's parents, Tala and Coty.

Boost is Pirate's aunt:

Tala is by Britt x Jett (Rob's brother). Britt was OFA excellent! Britt was bred to Greg's Coty, making Maja and Panzer. Britt was spayed/placed in a pet home in Carson City, NV and later hit and killed by a car. Such a shame. Smarty Jones is Tala's daugher - breeding of Tala x Sam (UK Show dog) used for improving structure in Tala pups. Job well done!

More notes:
  • Britt, Jett, Rob, and Sam I don't know.
  •  Smarty Jones is an often-talked about excellent agility dog in southern California.
  • Maja belongs to another Bay Teamer and has competed on the World Team for Argentina and also national team for the U.S. 
  • Panzer is another superfast Border Collie owned by another Californian--with some bar-knocking (and other handling) challenges
  •  I'm not sure why they spayed Britt--maybe some defect in the pups that's not obvious from Maja and Panzer?

Not mentioned here: Gina is one of Boost's littermates, competing in southern California but often coming up this way. Her litter of puppies with Olga C's Yankee are spread across the country to agility homes and are old enough to be competing.

I think I need a diagram of all of boost's relatives in california... could be difficult!

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