a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Hiking Among Others' Dogs

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hiking Among Others' Dogs

SUMMARY: Went on a hike with my dad, no Merle Girls.

Late this afternoon, we hiked up into Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. About 2.6 miles round trip, maybe 350 feet cumulative elevation gain.

I couldn't remember what the trails were like, so didn't take the dogs. Probably just as well; many other hikers had their dogs along, and Tika would've gone nuts. But many of the trails are along wide firebreak roads, so it could work out OK. Got to pet and play with a chocolate labrador puppy, my guess 3-4 months old; got sniffed by a couple of whippets; saw a German Shorthaired Pointer cruising along (illegally off leash) with his human; and several small dogs of various breeds.

For all dozen photos from the hike (no dogs, sorry), visit my photo page.


  1. How awesome that the two of you got to get out and hike on a summer afternoon!

    I, too, really like the idea of leaving a bench or two behind when I'm gone. I've SO appreciated all the benches along various trails I've hiked over the years.

  2. A bench is the perfect memorial, especially if it has views like that!

    I saw the picture of the two of you on the blog and thought "they look like they're related..probably not though." And then I went to your picture page and it started out "Dad and I" and I got all excited for you! LOL

    Love picture 3 of your Dad, and picture 8 for the light.

    My Dad would have loved a hike like that.

  3. Aw, nice dad and daughter outing on a beautiful summer day. Probably somewhat more relaxing sans dogs...? I think my favourite photos were the ones of your dad looking through the binoculars and the one of the two of you together.