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Friday, August 13, 2010

Activities for Weekends Without Dog Agility

SUMMARY: Busy weekend planned
Saturday: Haul my starving movie Jones out of bed early to see Inception, which my schedule hasn't allowed me to do yet. 8:50 a.m. movie time, can you believe it?! I don't recall ever seeing that before, and it's as if it was made to order for me, because:

Noon: Walkies friend's Ice Cream Sociable starts at noon, and I have been SO looking forward to this! Homemade ice cream and a plethora of toppings! Until an hour ago, I though I was going to have to arrive late, but now with the excellent movie time it looks like it won't be much late. The better to put calories on, my dear.

Sunday: Does this sound like a great hike with the Sierra Club, or what?!
Sun, Aug 15 • 11am
Cold War on Milagra Ridge
8 mile tour of Pacifica ridges that supported the Cold War, Milagra and Sweeney Ridges. There will be spectacular views as we alternate between the present and chaparral unchanged since the 18th century. We return by way of Mori Point and the edge of the Pacific Ocean. 8 miles with 1500 feet elevation gain. No-leader carpool #7 10:15 am. Event covers 8 miles, with less than 2,000 feet of elevation.

(From the Golden Gate National Park site:
The U.S. Army installed a gun battery here in the 1940s, and during the Cold War built a Nike missile station on Milagra and nearby Sweeney Ridge. Remnants of post-World War II's Battery Construction #244 and a Nike missile launch site dot the ridge... Milagra Ridge forms an "island ecosystem." Here, wildlife is isolated from other habitats, feeding and migration corridors are compromised, and exotic species can easily invade. Despite this isolation, Milagra Ridge holds a surprising number of threatened and endangered species...Read more.)
I'm gonna do it!

Sorry, dogs staying home through ALL of this, poor Merle Girls. Took 'em this evening out to the park and threw the frisbee and let Boost practice full-speed herding of other people's dogs until their tongues tripled in length. Hope that'll hold 'em for a little while.

Life is so full of wonderful things to do when I'm not sucked into agility weekends! This is what I miss when I start doing too much of that addictive dog sport.


  1. Ah! So you'll be only sorta "fashionably late" for kilocalorie intake. Yay!

    Last summer my brother and I visited the Nike site on a last minute whim. (We went to the Marine Mammal Center and spotted the Nike site afterward while exploring the area.) Our tour guide actually had the keys for raising and lowering the missile from its underground chamber and raising it from the horizontal to the vertical firing position and all. (Photos on my Flickr set .)

  2. Gah! I actually gave the URL to the set, but Blogger hates me. Send me e-mail if you want the URL. It was *quite* interesting.

  3. Oooh cool! I have no idea whether the person leading this hike has this sort of access.