a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Loose Ends

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Loose Ends

SUMMARY: Weekend away, Tika soreness, video camera, upcoming schedule.
Last weekend I spent a weekend away with friends and family at an annual relax-a-thon, without the dogs. But I got my toenails painted with little doggie footprints. In my favorite colors.

Meanwhile, Tika's soreness seems to have gone away again, thank goodness. She's been off rimadyl for a week and there's been no yelping or limping for 10 days. Took her to class this Tuesday and she ran fine in both Jumping Land and Contact Land. Whew!

Another Bay Teamer read my plight about my video camera, and produced a very compact JVC camcorder that she'd almost never used and offered it to me if I like it. So far I like it! The agility community has always been extremely generous with so many things for so many people. Now I just need to take some videos--and find a not-too-expensive place to get all my tapes converted to DVDs.

Now: Two more weekends without agility, hopefully with some hiking and movies, and then it's into the insanity of weekend upon weekend of agility trials, and I will try to remind myself that I hate that many trials in a row and stay out of them. Looks like this (I'm listing ONLY the ones I'd be interested in--there are lots of other venues--and * for the ones I'll probably actually do):
Aug 28/29 *Salinas SMART USDAA

Sep  4/ 5 *(labor) Prunedale Bayteam USDAA regional
Sep 11/12 *Turlock VAST USDAA
Sep 18/19 Woodland TRACS USDAA 
Sep 25/26 ?Hollister USDAA judges clinic

Oct  2/ 3
Oct  9/10 *Dixon Hautedawgs USDAA 
Oct 16/17 Turlock VAST CPE
Oct 23/24 Elkgrove CPE
Oct 30/31 Turlock PowerPaws Camp

Nov  6/ 7
Nov 13/14 *Turlock NAF USDAA
Nov 20/21 
Nov 27/28  ElkGrove CPE

Dec  4/ 5 
Dec 11/12 *SantaRosa Bayteam USDAA
Dec 18/19 
Dec 25/26 (xmas) 

Judging clinic: I would SOOOO like to do it (mostly for the course building aspects, don't really want to be a judge, mostly for the course building aspects--wait, how's that again?) but it's so expensive amidst all those trials. Argh. If only someone would buy me a winning lottery ticket.


  1. I'm so jealous of the toenails. I'm especially impressed if you did it yourself.

  2. A friend paints people's toenails for them on this annual weekend.