a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: In Search of Fire Roads

Monday, August 23, 2010

In Search of Fire Roads

SUMMARY:An afternoon in Bonny Doon.
Bonny Doon is a tiny community of narrow obscure roads up in the hills between civilization and Santa Cruz, with a heavy leaning towards Santa Cruz. Mary and her dog Ariel--combinatorially known as Mariel--moved there recently and on Sunday we went to visit along with Team Small Dog.

That's partially because Boost and Ariel and TSD's Gustavo will be a DAM team for the Bay Team Southwest Regionals in two weeks--we are, therefore, the B.A.G Ladies, and it seemed that we should go visit.  (Thanks, TSD, for the name, plus the design of our own personalized TSD-style-humor bags for us BAG ladies or even t-shirts, which can be ordered from here. The bag looks like this:)

But I have digressed, no surprise.

Mariel and TSD took us for quite a long, brisk, conditioning hike in search of The Other End Of The Fire Road that comes out "near Jim and Roxie's" house. We went up and down lots of hills and streets.

My poor pathetic old little point-and-shoot had trouble with all the motion and the shadows and bright sunlight pouring between the redwoods--but here we all are, heading out for an adventure.
After we returned from our successful adventure to find The Other End of The Fire Road, we hung out and chatted and snacked and listened to our own personal live band made up in large part of Mary's offspring. They're pretty darned good, not your average garage band by any means.

If you want to see all the photos, with brief narration in each caption, please go here.


  1. another great adventure! I LOVED the house...what a great spot to live! Unless I'd have to accumulate my own truly large woodpile.

    Nice tail Boost!

  2. It is beautiful up there! I couldn't handle the commute, though, and it's an hour drive for me to visit (30 miles), so hard to get up there. She says it makes her much better about cooking with things she has around the house because it's such an effort to get to a store.

  3. Love the B.A.G. ladies idea! Looking forward to how the Boo, the Goo, and the ... Ariel... doo. I mean do.

  4. Funny--I was trying to come up with a team name using Boo and Goo; as I said to Mary: "And Goo and Boo have that repetitive sound sort of thing going for them." But I didn't come up with anything lovely and BAG Ladies just worked.