a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Boost in Flight

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boost in Flight

SUMMARY: Photos from July USDAA.
A teenage photographer (Gadabout Photography) came to the SMART USDAA back in July and took a ton of photos. Didn't find any of Tika, but here are some of the many Boost photos.

Boost keeps a low profile going over the Aframe. She's pretty fast, flying close to the surface.

She always hits pretty solidly in the yellow zone and almost always lands two on/two off--but whether she'll hold it and wait for my release is getting iffier. I'm kinda wishing I had taught her a running contact, although, boyohboy, if I think I'm falling behind her *now*--

When she's ascending to fly over a jump, her ears fall back--

But descending from a jump, those floppy little ears fly straight up! That'll be the only time you'll see her with pointy ears.

This could be part of our bar-knocking problem, although I haven't asked any experts for analysis--she's leading with her left foot but also looking left, meaning she'll land on the wrong lead and/or try to change directions in midair, possibly knocking a bar.  I wonder whether some dogs always tuck the same foot under when jumping and it's OK, or whether this is a symptom or cause of some of her bar knocking?

Here's another one--she's clearly jumping to the right and leading with the left paw (which would be correct if going to the right), but looking left, so I miscued or she misunderstood--too bad I never see any photos of her with the bar coming down! Maybe the photographers just never put those photos up?!

I wanted to find a nice photo of her jumping from the side, and, ah ha!, here's one--

Oops, but wait-- what's wrong with this picture?

Boost seems to get a thrill out of doing the teeter--and of course of taking off running again afterwards. Dang ear flipped backwards on top of her head again! Makes me crazy!

My 2.5-second-weaves Booster!



  1. GREAT photographs! Teenager has talent! So does the dog. :)

  2. Yeah, I don't do as well and I've had a DSL probably longer than she's been alive! :-)

  3. Awesome awesome photos! Amazing what a moment frozen in time can reveal that we can't see with the naked eye.