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Monday, April 05, 2010

Slow But Busy

SUMMARY: Not much to say about agility, but maybe about other assorted things.

Good-bye to two more old familar dogs who ran with Jake and Remington in their youth, when USDAA jump heights were *really* high! So long, Spike (the last of the Border Newfs) and Mysti (Border Collie). Tika and Remginton each earned a Masters Pairs Q and a DAM Team Q with Spike; Jake earned a DAM Team Q with Mysti at the 2001 USDAA Nationals. Ah, memories.

Last Wednesday, hiked in the rain (without the Merle Girls) with the Sierra Club group. Usually there are about 20 on Wednesday evening hikes. Last week: 4. Wimps!

I have now found 6 geocaches. Really, I'm not getting hooked. Too busy for another hobby. But it is kind of fun if I'm going to be in the area anyway. See http://www.geocaching.com/, click on "Hide & Seek a cache", and search for caches found by username ELF1.

Dogs are so bored; I'm so busy; I'm finding that I am still not really looking forward to 3 weekends in a row of agility trials, while at the same time I am looking forward to doing some agility with the dogs. Busy busy busy.

I'm a little concerned about the muscle in my hip that the doctor thinks I injured and needed to ice/ice/ice and rest/rest/rest. Well, did not much of anything for a couple of months--ok, hikes here and there, but not many really, and pretty much stopped the daily walks. Result: Hip still sore, plus added 5 pounds.

My nephew is getting married in Arizona Memorial Day weekend, and it looks like I'll stay down thataway for the following week to do more sight-seeing, so I'll be skipping a trial then that I'd normally attend. Slow, slow agility trial attrition. Slow, slow increase in dog boredom and agitation. Boost, who has never done fence-fighting with the dog next door in all her 5 years, has just started into that the last week or so. Dagnabbit.

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