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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Miscellany All Over Again

SUMMARY: various subjects--

Sylvia Trkman has a new web site, with discussion pages.

Weather--Monday: Snow on Mount Hamilton and frost warnings. (It was beautiful! And I didn't have my camera with me!) Today: I want to have my screen door open but it's off the track and won't budge! Maybe later this week I'll dink around with it.

June 22 is Take Your Dog To Work Day. Mark your calendars and check with the boss! (My boss says OK! As long as you remember to stay at your desk and work!)

I didn't take a single photo of Tika last week and thus missed 52 Weeks For Dogs *again*. This is the 3rd or 4th time. I just can't keep up. I did so want to push myself to get a great album of Tika shots, but I think this was just one more commitment too many. Will probably have to resign.

My hip is really bothering me. If my MD is right and it's a muscle thing, why does it get worse after 3 days of doing nothing and better after a day of hiking? She said it might *seem* that was but that's not really what's going on. Argh. OK, now back to relying on the miracles of modern chemistry.

8 days of agility in a 16-day period?! Am I nuts? Or what?

San Francisco might be using dog waste to produce energy! Or--has this experiment fizzled? I can't find anything on this later than 2007 on my couple of quick searches.

Earthquakes: 7.2 in Mexico Easter Sunday just south of the California border. Fortunately not much there, not much damage. You can see a cool map of the 30,000+ people who reported online about how strong it felt. On that same site, if you search their archives for your state in the U.S., you might be surprised about how many quakes are recorded for your area, too, and you can see similar maps of responses. Right, Johann The Dog who just moved to Tennessee?

The U.S. Team for the European Open championships have been announced, and four Bay Teamers are in the large dog group (Nancy, Channan, Silvina, Robert (Rob)). Is it no wonder we always have trouble getting blue ribbons around here? :-)

Another local who also trains at Power Paws (as I do) is in the medium dogs: Marcy Mantell, who is a talented photographer in her own right and who is now the first and only U.S. dog (ever, I believe) to  World Agility Champion/ AKC National Agility Champion simultaneously. She has posted some videos from the AKC trial on You Tube:
FinalsISCRound 1 - Standard  , Round 2 - JWW,   Round 3 - Hybrid

Meanwhile, Ashley and Luka are back in training now that her injury, whatever it was, seems to have healed.

Am I proud of my friends and teammates? You betcha!

Are my dogs eager to be doing something? You betcha!


  1. the 52 weeks project is hard this year. not sure if it is the people, or my subject (boone is difficult) or what...but I too find it difficult...

  2. The endorphins from the hiking make it feel like your hip is getting better but once they wear off... I get that effect with running all the time. Unfortunately soft tissue stuff takes a while to heal. Enjoy the chemistry and here's hoping it heals quickly.

  3. That's right...earthquakes in TN and in IN, who woulda thunk it ;) Have you thought about a chiro for your hip? After I fell at a trial on my hip, my chiro fixed me up to run the next weekend. Just a thought :)

  4. 52 weeks--Boone might be difficult in person, but he really is photogenic! I love looking at his pictures. I don't entirely know what to do. The decision might be taken from my hands at some point. I really do want a good collection of Tika photos, but it doesn't seem fair to the rest of the group to be so sporadic. Maybe I was doing better just dropping in occasionally, following your photos and then looking at everyone else's.

    Chiro: One visit and it didn't help. Maybe I'll try again, what the heck.