a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Day 5 After Haute TRACS

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 5 After Haute TRACS

SUMMARY: Monday looking back.

Runs run: 23.
Miles walked (per pedometer): 33.5.
Courses built as co-chief course builder: I dunno, somewhere less than 20.
Pounds lost: 3.

Video cameras dead in the water: 1. (Can you believe it, I finally remembered to ask people to videotape us, and it worked for one--ONE--run in a 4-day weekend, and then crapped out completely. Auuuuuughhhh! Now I can't even play the tapes I already have, or even the one run from this last weekend. To decide: Repair this and make an effort to translate all the tapes into another medium? Pay costco to translate all the tapes to another medium and buy one of those cute little pocket-sized video cameras? I'm thinkin' the latter will be about the same price as the former and take me a whole lot less time.)

Knees bothering me: 0. Iced the problematic one once when it was a little achey, but otherwise wonderful!

Hips bothering me: 0. Not a peep out of that supposed pulled muscle all weekend!

[But from the perspective of Thursday--after sitting at my computer for 3 days and getting virtually no physical activity except mowing the lawn, NOW my hip and knee are quite painful. They were fine Monday and Tuesday. I'm thinkin' it's not activity that's hurting them, no matter what the doctor says.]

Blisters: 3. THAT made it hard to get around. Why don't I notice that my feet hurt until too late?


Tika: 15 Qs out of 21 Q-able runs. Tika's weekend awards:

Boost: 5 Qs out of 21 Q-able runs.

Boost's weekend awards--well, YES it IS better than nothing, thanks for asking!:

Titles earned

Well, we knew about:
- Tika PD3
- Boost MAD

But I hadn't checked out the numbers before the weekend on how close we were to other stuff. So Monday I learned that Tika:

  • finished her ARD (accomplished relay dog--10 pairs relay Qs)
  • finished her AKD (accomplished snooker dog--10 Snooker Qs with at least 3 Super-Qs (she has 8 SQs))
  • finished her PJ3 (performance 3 jumpers -- 5 jumpers Qs)
  • finished her performance tournament master bronze (15 Qs, at least 3 in each tournament)
  • is now one Gamblers Q short of her PGD (gamblers 10 Qs).
  • is now one Standard Q short of her APD (performance ADCH)! I'm a little bummed that we didn't get it, but onthe other hand it would've been really dumb to have gotten it and not realized until I got home and missed out on the awards!
  • is now two Qs of ANY kind short of her LAA Silver! (Lifetime Achievement Award, 250 masters/p3 Qs)! There were times I thought I'd never get here, but, look, here we are! Now on to Gold with 350...

We have two weekends of agility coming up now, with 4 shots at getting that last Standard Q, and I think 20 shots at getting those last 2 Lifetime Qs. I think we can do it!

Goals met

  1. Boost Jumper Q for MAD: Done!
  2. Tika win all three Gamblers and all three Snooker (with the entry size, that would've totalled 15 Top Ten points for each of the two). Achieved: Gamblers, 3rd for 1, 1st for 5, 2nd for 3.  Snooker: 1st for 5, 3rd for 1, 1st for 5. PLUS earned 10 in Jumpers and 11 in Standard. Pretty good, really.
  3. Tika's 3rd Standard for performance MAD: Done!
  4. Tika and Brenn win Team: Done!
  5. Boost earn Super-Qs in Snooker. Yeah, well, can't have everything.
  6. Boost have some nice smooth runs without knocking bars or runouts or refusals: Well, sort of. I don't know that there's really been an improvement. It still feels like that Jumpers Q was a fluke.
  7. Tika win Steeplechase. Done!
  8. BONUS 1: Boost is looking like a real gamblin' dog, at least in the opening! She had:- 3rd place of 42 dogs in Team gamble
    - 2nd highest opening pts of 46 dogs in Thursday's gamble
    - 5th highest opening pts of 51 dogs in Saturday's gamble
    - very good opening points in Sunday's gamble AND got the gamble for a change, placing 6th.
  9. BONUS 2: Boot's team Qed in DAM Team!
  11. BONUS 3: Tika's amazing saturday/sunday performance: 10 Qs out of 10, 7 1sts, two 2nds, and two 3rds (one class wasn't Qing) out of usually 8-9 dogs.

Result details

(In case you want to peruse them--top 10 points are in parens next to our placements.)

(top 10)
1st plc
min pts
our faults
Boost Fri Grand Prix n 27th of 56 43.45 32.87 52sec 10
Boost Sat Steeplechase n 36th of 61 34.83 28.28 35sec 5
Boost Thu Mas Gamblers n 14th of 46 28+0 30+20 op+cl pts
Boost Sat Mas Gamblers n 16th of 51 41+ 42+25 op+cl pts .53
Boost Sun Mas Gamblers Q 6th of 48 (3) 32+30 38+30 op+cl pts
Boost Fri Mas Jumpers Q 10th of 49 26.54 23.11 39sec
Boost Sat Mas Jumpers n 48th of 48

sec E
Boost Sun Mas Jumpers n 44th of 44

sec E
Boost Thu Mas Relay n 42nd of 42

sec E
Boost Sun Mas Relay Q 17th of 27 39.10 37.84 50sec 10
Boost Fri Mas Snooker n 31st of 45 24+9 32+27 37pts 6.74
Boost Sat Mas Snooker n 42nd of 47 19+ 24+27 37pts 9.43
Boost Sun Mas Snooker n 27th of 40 22+ 23+27 37pts
Boost Thu Mas Standard n 40th of 40

sec E
Boost Fri Mas Standard n 20th of 42 56.70 46.49 62sec 15
Boost Sat Mas Standard n 45th of 45

sec E
Boost Sun Mas Standard n 19th of 42 54.42 38.26 56sec 10
Boost Fri DAM Gamblers Q 3rd of 42 31+20 34+20 op+cl pts
Boost Thu DAM Jumpers n 16th of 46 31.33 23.82 28sec 3.33
Boost Fri DAM Relay Q 11th of 29 56.01 55.07 sec 20
Boost Thu DAM Snooker n 31st of 46 27+9 30+27 37pts
Boost Thu DAM Standard n 46th of 46

sec E
Tika Fri PfD Gamblers Q 2nd of 5 33+16 35+20 op+cl pts
Tika Fri Per Grand Prix n 7th of 7

sec E
Tika Thu PfD Jumpers n 5th of 5 34.46 26.11 29.49sec 16.97
Tika Fri PfD Relay Q 8th of 13 41.65 40.28 sec 5
Tika Thu PfD Snooker Q 1st of 5 27+27 27+27 37pts
Tika Thu PfD Standard n 3rd of 5 48.28 40.3 46sec 9.28
Tika Sat Per Steeplechase Q 1st of 10 32.75 32.75 42sec
Tika Sun Per Steeplechase - 1st of 4 (3) 32.58 32.58 sec 5
Tika Thu P3 Gamblers n 3rd of 6 (1) 22+0 23+20 op+cl pts
Tika Sat P3 Gamblers Q 1st of 8 (5) 39+25 39+25 op+cl pts
Tika Sun P3 Gamblers Q 2nd of 8 (3) 32+30 32+30 op+cl pts
Tika Fri P3 Jumpers n 9th of 9

sec E
Tika Sat P3 Jumpers Q 1st of 9 (5) 25.68 25.68 36sec
Tika Sun P3 Jumpers Q 1st of 8 (5) 25.68 25.68 40sec
Tika Thu P3 Relay Q 5th of 13 45.16 40.15 65sec 10
Tika Sun P3 Relay Q 3rd of 11 35.75 33.65 53sec
Tika Fri P3 Snooker S 1st of 7 (5) 29+27 29+27 37pts 5.22
Tika Sat P3 Snooker Q 3rd of 9 (1) 20+27 23+27 37pts
Tika Sun P3 Snooker S 1st of 8 (5) 21+27 21+27 37pts 1.2
Tika Thu P3 Standard n 4th of 7 50.99 46.98 61sec 5
Tika Fri P3 Standard n 2nd of 9 (3) 46.89 50.96 64sec 5
Tika Sat P3 Standard Q 1st of 9 (5) 45.60 45.6 59sec
Tika Sun P3 Standard Q 2nd of 7 (3) 49.94 46.53 59sec


  1. So, I guess there is a happy side to Ren not doing agility! (the happy knees on Ellen being the key point)!

  2. Quite a haul! Great job to the girls! Glad you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Wendy: Oh, yeah, I'm sure it was Ren who did in my knees! ;-)

  4. I really enjoyed reading this series of posts, nicely accompanied by all kinds of different photos. Kept me greatly entertained during my breaks at work this week! Congrats again on your amazing weekend.

  5. Thanks! I really did mean to just say a few short things and get it over with, but somehow--it grew on me. So I did this and fell wayyyy behind on reading everyone else's blogs. Hope to catch up next week on flyball and all!