a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Long But Exciting Four Days

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long But Exciting Four Days

SUMMARY: Just a note about our 4-day USDAA weekend before diving into bed.

Boost finally got the Jumpers Q that she needed for her MAD! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! That's after 39 or 40 or so non-Qing Jumpers attempts. W00t! I bought a cake for everyone to share at the trial!

She also did OK in a couple of gamblers classes--in Team Gamblers, 3rd of 42! And in Sunday's Master Gamblers, 6th of 48. She had 2nd highest opening points of 51 dogs in Saturday's gamble but melted down on the gamble itself, so no Q or placement.

Tika had a phenomenal weekend. She's running like a younger dog, very fast and happy and eager with no sign of soreness all weekend. She got 100% Qs out of 11 classes Saturday and Sunday, although only 5 for 12 Thurs/Fri.

Competing against 5 to 9 dogs all weekend, she placed 1st 10 times (including both rounds of Steeplechase), 2nd four times, and 3rd four times (out of 23 runs).

Both dogs got hamburgers tonight for dinner; I almost never treat them that grandly.

And I'm very tired, off to bed.


  1. Congrats on a super weekend!! Diana

  2. Congrats on your MAD! And the other stuff too, sounds like you cleaned up this weekend.