a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: But Wait, There's More--Agility!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

But Wait, There's More--Agility!

SUMMARY: USDAA third weekend in a row.

Bay Team's spring USDAA is this weekend.

Along with the usual suspects (regular classes and GP and Steeplechase), we're resurrecting the California Cup with a new format. For several years, it was a Bay Team NADAC thing: Best combined score of four rounds of Standard in a weekend, in each level, I believe. (Back in the way good old days where there WERE only Standard, Jumps, and Gamblers, so it was 2 Standard each day.)

Now, it's based on the combined scores from last weekend's and this weekend's Grand Prix runs. The top 30% get to run a free final round this weekend for glory. Tika did well in the Grand Prix last weekend (2nd of 9 in her height), so if we can hold it together again this weekend, contacts and all, we could run in that. Boost Eed--but it's still a score, so if we do well this weekend and lot of other crap out, we could still have a chance. Slim, but ya never know.

Other than that--well, weather should be beautiful again. We have been *very* lucky in this sequence. It poured a few days before our 4-day event 2 weeks ago, then was gorgeous all 4 days. It rained the following week (raining out my agility class), then was lovely all last weekend. It rained again this week (raining out my agility class), but the forecast for this weekend is again for perfect agility weather. So glad it hasn't been the other way round!

We've been doing some practicing in the yard. For Boost, most just running around a big loop, just getting her thinking about going forward and doing obstacles. Some entering from the back side of a tunnel. A bit of dogwalking and a bit of weaving and a bit of working at a distance (for gamblers) but that's about it.

So--of course we're completely ready!

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