a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Titles Schmitles

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Titles Schmitles

SUMMARY: Current and for the rest of the year.
OK, really, I am NOT going to look at or even think about Top Ten points until after the December trial. Really. Because there's nothing I can do about what the other dogs are going to do, and I'm not going to start adding trials to my calendar to try to pick up more Top Ten points. I'd rather go back to just having fun enjoying Tika being super in Performance and not worry about it. Really. REALLY.

So, with that out of the way:
  • With Boost's Steeplechase Q last weekend, she completed her Tournament Bronze title! (15 tournament Qs with at least 3 in each of the three.) There'll be no more titles in this unless she can start getting Grand Prix Qs--only 3 in her whole agility career so far--and we can't compete in Grand Prix at the Regionals because she got none this year, for instance. But, OK, nice to have that Bronze.
  • With Tika's Pairs Relay Q last weekend, she completed her Relay Champion-Bronze (15 Qs). And so the march through the metals continues.
This weekend:

There are only the three tournaments plus one each of the regular classes (and an extra Standard). So not a lot of oppportunities for titles. Still--IF--
  • ...Tika Qs in all 3 Tournaments, that would be her Performance Tournament Silver.
  • ...Tika Qs in one Standard, that would be (Perf.) Standard Champion.
  • ...Tika Qs in Snooker, that would be (Perf.) Snooker Champion Bronze.
  • ...Boost Qs in anything--I'll be happy! (But no titles are possible at this point.)
The rest of the year after this weekend:

Four more USDAA trials, one a month, so plenty more chances for Qs and titles.

And here's another milestone: I am managing to continue cutting back on my weekends at trials. This year I'll have had only 14 weekends, which is the lowest since 2000 (and down from a high of 23 in 2003). Good for me! I earn my Not Going To Too Many Trials Bronze! (Dropping BELOW 15.)


  1. Where's the "Like" button on this thing? Good for you, Not Going To Too Many Trials!

  2. Congratulations on your NGTTMT Bronze!

  3. Have fun this weekend, sounds like it'll be a nice trial.

  4. Hehe -- what the others said! Enjoy!

    oh -- and my secret password was "parta"! As in, "parteh on, dude!" :)

  5. Congrat's on winning the bronze, great effort. And, all the best for the upcomings..