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Friday, September 10, 2010

Many Many Runs This Weekend and an Iffy Dog

SUMMARY: 7 runs saturday, 5 possible Sunday. And is Tika OK?
This weekend's VAST USDAA trial, out in Turlock, should be "unseasonably cool"--merely 90F (32C) for a predicted high. Guess I'll be packing the shorts.

Tika started looking completely bouncy and happy yesterday, but I've mostly kept her from running until late this afternoon, when I tossed the toy into some shrubs or behind some things so that she wouldn't be chasing madly or lunging onto it. That looked OK, so I put her over some 16" jumps, then a sequence with 16" jumps and tunnels, and she still looks fine.

I sure hope she stays sound this weekend. But I dunno: SEVEN runs on Saturday? Only four planned for Sunday (plus possible Round 2 of Steeplechase).

Normally I'd welcome that for both my dogs--the more trial activity, the more it burns out that extraneous energy.

But I'm still thinking I should scratch Tika from some of the classes. Realized I can't scratch from pairs, because I promised this one specifically to someone who's had trouble getting Qs with various partners. That would really suck if I had to pull Tika for being sore.

Probably will scratch grand prix.

She usually does well in Steeplechase, and it's always nice to come home with some $$$, but if I scratch that, that's OK--I'm not caring at all about Performance Tournament Top Ten, as our record overall hasn't been that great this year. On the other hand--she just needs 2 tournaments to finish her performance tournament Silver, which would be cool.

But not at the expense of the other classes where it would be nice to get more top ten points. Really, that's the main reason I entered these 3 in a row.

Could scratch jumpers; I think she's got plenty of T10 to be in for this year no matter what else we do. But she likes Jumpers.

I hate making these choices. Dang.

Anyway--small trial, lots of runs--but all masters runs are in one ring, so no stressing on conflicts. Also, potluck saturday evening, which is always tasty and FUN.

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  1. I had to laugh at your "unseasonably cool" remark. Brutal!

    Wish my dogs had extraneous energy that needed to be burnt off through lots of agility runs. Neither of my dogs are fast to begin with but I find limiting them to 2 or 3 runs/day keeps them the freshest. Oh to have one of those dogs who keeps going, and going, and going --

    Hope things are going well and Tika's soreness is staying at bay.