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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Nifty Blogger Feature: Static Pages

SUMMARY: Note the "Home" and "USDAA Rules" links above.
Blogger has included this feature for quite some time and I've been meaning to investigate. Static pages don't show up as blog entries; instead, they can contain static information that you want to be generally available (e.g., "About me") at all times.

Turns out to be pretty easy to use; it's just like editing blog pages.

So now there's a USDAA Rules tab, under which I'll put USDAA Rules info (really, did I have to explain that?) that might be of use to me or to readers. Just now added "Top Ten Rules" explaining how Top Ten points are calculated.

Anything you can think of in my prior posts that you've wanted to refer to more than once (doesn't have to be USDAA rules) that you'd like to see a link for? I've got some ideas... although not much time at the moment (or ever).


  1. If you know of the differences between USDA and AKA rules it would help me...

  2. Sorry, no AKC/USDAA rule differences, as I don't do AKC. I do know some CPE/USDAA rule differences. :-) And now there's UKI/USDAA rule diffs... and... hmm, it does seem to call for a comparison page somewhere.