a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Comparing Dogs

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Comparing Dogs

SUMMARY: When did who get what?
Well, it's true that Boost is somewhat better at some things than Tika was at her age. In fact--well, Boost is better at almost everything than Tika. Except, no surprise, Grand Prix (kinda), Snooker (a bit), and Jumpers (a bunch). It's good to remind myself, though, that she does in fact have strengths.

I'm going to be offline for 3 days most likely, so I'm setting this up to post this weekend.

Title or achievement Tika age Boost age notes
MAD 4.5 5.5 Tika wins (requires 3 Standard and 1 each of Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker, and Relay)
Standard Master (5 Qs) 5 4.5 boost wins
Standard Champ (10 Qs) 6 5.5 boost wins
Relay Master (5Qs) 4.5 3.5 boost wins
Relay Champ (10 Qs 5.5 4.5 boost wins
Relay bronze (15 Qs) 6 5 boost wins
Gamblers Master (5 Qs) 5.5 4.5 boost wins
Gamblers Champ (10 Qs) 6 5.5 Boost wins
Tournament Master
(10 Qs, at least 2 each)
5.5 4.5 boost wins
Title or achievement Tika qty Boost qty notes
Steeplechase Qs at age 5.5 5 9 boost wins
Clean Grand Prixs at age 5.5 2 2 tie--but note, until recently, dogs could Q with 5 faults. Tika had 12 more 5-fault Qs at this age; boost has only five 5-fault GPs. So really Tika wins.
Snooker SuperQs at age 5.5 2 0 tika wins
Jumpers Qs at age 5.5 5 1 tika really wins


  1. Well now. Looks like the only real problem with Boost is her Jumpers stats. Interestingly, it was the same problem I had with Jaime. I eventually gave up entering Gamblers because I has so many legs. And Std was usually no problem for us unless I did something stupid. But I think I retired him with maybe 5 or 6 Masters Jumpers legs. Seriously. Only 5 or 6. In 8 years. Jeez.

  2. I'd be happy with 5 or 6 Jumpers legs. :-) For a long time, I thought that's what I'd end up with Tika, but somewhere along the line she mostly stopped knocking bars. It was certainly much earlier in life than Boost, who still hasn't stopped knocking them, which also affects our Q rate in everything else except maybe Pairs (where we have 20-some-odd Qs now). But Tika never had a runout/refusal problem which is Boost's other issue. I dunno, I guess jumpers just presents more opportunities for knocked bars and Rs than other classes. (And Snooker SuperQ misses are almost always knocked bars, runouts, and refusals, not, say, contacts or off courses or simply not having a good-enough course.)