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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts from 9/11

SUMMARY: A friend's post about then and now.
I don't often veer from dogs, agility, hiking, and life's little stories. But every line here had me saying, "Yes! Yes!! YES!" And so, herewith, my view of the events of 9/11 and the dismaying current reverberations from that day.
Friend Jim VO said:

My summary of conversations I have had or have heard today [Sept 11]:

Burning a flag is political free speech protected by law.

Burning a book in public is called a nuisance fire and can result in a fine and/or time in the city jail.

Burning a book of religious scripture under full media attention is at least an attempt to incite a riot and at worst domestic terrorism, both punishable by law.

Those who crash an airplane into a skyscraper are suicidal cowards.

Those who die inside the skyscraper are tragic victims of theology in the hands of lunatics.

Those who run into the burning skyscraper to help strangers are called heroes.

The place where the skyscraper stood is not "sacred." That would be idolatry and/or blasphemy. It is a memorial of sadness and bravery, akin to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima.

Those who wish to continue their practice of prayer and worship three blocks from the skyscraper as they did before the tragedy are called devout.

That place of worship may be called "sacred" depending on the specific use under the affiliated religion.

Those who consider this place of worship to be "inconsiderate and in bad taste" are delusional with anger, fear, and/or moral arrogance.

Those who uphold and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (including free assembly and religious practice) are called Americans.

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