a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Perhaps It's Time for a Break

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Perhaps It's Time for a Break

SUMMARY: Upcoming agility and current (if imaginary) tribulations.
I have 3 weekends off from competition, then one trial, then 4 weekends off, then a trial, then 3 weekends off, and our last trial of the year. Perhaps it's a very good thing that I have all that noncompetition time--

I'm standing near the Steeplechase ring, and all of a sudden the gate says "We're done!" and the course builders rush onto the course. "Wait," I say, stunned, running towards the gate, "I haven't run yet!" She shrugs, "Tell the course builders," and walks away. I run onto the field, where they're pulling down the ring tape and picking up the course numbers. "I haven't run yet!" I say frantically, thinking of two dogs and two dang entry fees for Steeplechase about to go down the drain (I also just realized with rising panic that I haven't walked it yet, but first things first). One course builder say, "Tell the judge," and continues pulling up the tunnel stakes. The judge is nowhere to be seen. I stand in the middle of the ring and cry out loud--

"I HAVEN'T RUN YET!" which wakes me right up. The dogs are intrigued. Me, big L on the forehead. Doh. Taking a deep shaking breath and reminding myself, "It's just a dream! It doesn't happen like that in real life!"

Yes, perhaps it's a good think I'm taking some weekends off.

But I did sign up for the course building clinic after all--


  1. Smiling at your dream...I was dreaming I couldn't find the building I work in. sigh.

  2. Yes, it sounds like its time for a break. LOL Sweet dreams. Diana

  3. Oh frig that's hilarious!! Got me laughing out loud. Haven't we all had a few silly agility dreams.

  4. P.S. Sorry for all the comments in your inbox -- I'm done catching up now! :P

  5. That's OK, I don't mind at all! Hey--weren't you going to be cutting back on your blog reading?! ;-)

  6. Welllllll yes, but definitely not TMH -- the first agility blog I stumbled upon and one of my favourites to this day. :)