a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Front Crosses Gone Wrong and One Good Run

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Front Crosses Gone Wrong and One Good Run

SUMMARY: Coupla videos from last weekend.
If you're on facebook, you may have already seen these. But if not--then here's something to look at while I'm off in Turlock.

By request of a certain Arizonian agilitator, first here's my  "Front Crosses Gone Horribly Wrong" tape from this last weekend. There were actually a couple more, but thank goodness they weren't filmed.

This is quick excerpts from two runs where front crosses didn't work quite as planned. (First--I got stuck behind jump, managed to push Boost out over correct jump but because of my garbled body language, she turned the wrong way so angle was wrong for next jump and ended up coming inside and then backjumping.) (Second--fed Tika neatly into wrong side of weave pole entry.)

Most of our best runs were on Sunday and, for some annoying reason,   I didn't take any vids on Sunday, and only a couple on Monday. So the only halfway decent run I actually captured was Tika's Team Standard 2nd place from Saturday:

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