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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oh, Right, Titles for Tika Plus Summary

SUMMARY: Just remembered--
As I noted in Titles Schmitles, Tika could possibly have earned 3 titles this weekend. Well, crapped out in Steeplechase and Grand Prix, so didn't get the really cool [Performance] Tournament Silver.

But did complete the other two:
  • One Q in Standard, for (Perf.) Standard Champion. (ASD?)
  • One Q in Snooker, for  (Perf.) Snooker Champion Bronze. (AKD-Bronze?)
I'd count these as "minor" titles in the sense that they are among the things that just come along without any stress or overt angst on my part.

Any, BTW, a summary of the weekend:
BoostTikaNotes on TIKA's
Runs 12 13Pulled from 2 of those because of soreness
Qs 2 8Includes 1 Super-Q
1st 0 2Incl's 5 Top Ten pts for Standard
2nd 0 2Includes 5 top tens for snooker
3rd 0 1Includes 3 top tens for gamblers
Competing against 42-80 dogs 10-18 dogs

And in Lifetime Achievement Award Qs, Tika now has 290; needs 350 for Gold and 500 for Platinum. I really still don't see how we'll ever get to platinum with her recurring soreness, but Gold may be doable next year--we've earned 64 so far in 2010 in 10 trials; 4 trials to go this year.

So many numbers to track, so little time!

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