a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: So Many Clever Dogs In One Place at One Time

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Many Clever Dogs In One Place at One Time

SUMMARY: Fun music video.
Well, I can't understand most of what they're singing, but you KNOW this video took a lot of preparation and practice. (Sort of like agility for the rock-video crowd.) And watch for obedience sequence ending with a dog on a leash, cracked me up!

How it was done

Added: Same day, 3:45p.m. PDT.
Now read the amazing story. 72 takes before they got it right--and that's AFTER weeks of rehearsals. If I had that kind of dedication to working on my contacts or doing sequences, maybe I'd be as good in agility as this team is in the video!


  1. Here's a cool link that tells the story of the making of the video from the dog trainers.

  2. Oh, thanks! Wonderful! I've added the link to the post.

  3. That obedience sequence ends with a GOAT on a leash LOL.

  4. How funny that I missed that--and I watched it twice! Doh!

  5. That was so cool! I thought for sure there were some techie tricks to make it look like one continuous thing, but no!